Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chiefwiggum, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Nice the way they use his full name even though nothing is proven yet.
  2. Tom Newton Dung, what a class act. Muck-raking journos, dontcha just luvvem?

    Note the tag at the bottom: "Give the Sun a story and earn £s". A story is the last thing I would want to give those leeches.
  3. ...but did he join as a major..if he earnt his rank he earnt his right to stay there says me. but why he'd want to join the paras is beyond me :)
  4. Maybe he considers himself a fit, self-motivated, aggressive, above average sort of bloke
  5. or perhaps hes just not very clever!
  6. Lets face it mate, if he was fackin clever he wouldnt be in the Army would he?
  7. I think there might be more too this than meets the eye...
    He was able to successfully command a coy during Telic 1 was he not?
  8. I agree with that thought.
    Why don't we just wait on what's happening and fück what "The Scum" says or thinks!.

  9. Your SAS or nothing Maj!!!!!