Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by jumpinmonkey, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. This likely pretender was seen in leicester at Costa coffee on sunday afternoon. initial suspicions were raised by the mere presence of a VC winner slumming it in Costa, maybe they gave an extra discount for those in uniform. The Victoria cross being worn in lower preceedence than the George cross is still a mystery, as is the pegasus on his sleeve and the SAS collar dogs and cap badge on what appears to be an RMP dress hat?? i was disappointed that leicestershire county council had not rolled out the red carpet for this coveted hero and had kieth Vaz serving him tea and biscuits from his best china. The only saving grace would be this guy was hitting on a woman at least half his age. anyone recognise this wearer of false ribbons??

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  2. Now that, is a cool pic!
  3. fantastic! poor show on your part though, why didnt you go over and deploy a

    "i just wanted to say i think what you guys do is fantastic and it would be an honour to shake your hand, is there any chance i could get a photo"
  4. Not an RMP hat. Wrong colours.
  5. Why the question marks in the thread title?
  6. That is truely EPIC!!! Tell you what if he can pull a hottie like that imagine what Johnson's life must be like?
  7. my Anger was getting the better of me to go and have a word; but the long haired general was keen to stop me causing a scene, or getting filled in by this aged dealer of death, who was by then obviously wired on caffeine. Backed up with the offer of sex if I behaved in public, i crumbled.
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  8. You mean you bottled it
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  9. pretty much
  10. Outrage-walt. I'd have given him some gip and no mistake!!!
  11. Is he the oldest Sgt in NATO?
  12. Whoaaaa, stop the bus.

    Is it not universally agreed that behavior of that kind is acceptable if it is in persuit of a shag?

    Okay, carry on.
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  13. he got busted down from colonel after he shagged michelle obama whilst saving her from a taliban kidnapping operation (not many people know about it so keep it under your hat), the yanks wanted him gone but the Regiment (thats the SAS by the way) just couldnt afford to let him go as he's killed more people than cholera and he's bezzy mates with the PM so they compromised and bust him to sergeant.

    actually it was private but they promoted him back to sergeant after amonth or two because he won the army push ups competition at Hereford where he managed two more than the former champ Chuck Norris, who spewed and cried like a girl.
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  14. That's fine, but if you're not going to give him a shoeing and have sex instead, at least post a photo of your missus' baps.
  15. as requested, sir!

    feast your eyes on my mrs' finest baps!

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