Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Kalabaw, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Here's a man who appears to be a fraud on some level. I know nothing of UK military stuff/titles, but his claims seem improbable at least, and his title appears to have been purchased online.


    Is that an 'MI5' issued cowboy belt buckle? I've never seen one, so wouldn't know....but I guess that means it's real?

    Claims from various websites:

    (he has a dodgey looking 'security firm' website, which has generic 'security' pictures, as well as a picture taken from a TV show, and a news article)

    What he tells the ladies on dating sites:

    (the 'executive protection' pictures he posts on his site are taken from the 'Dangerous Drives' TV program that dealt with executive protection in South Africa)

    At the same time he has a profile on an 'adult' dating site, that is a bit more specific...

    The 'military service' he claims on his VK.com profile

    Am I on the right track? I smell a poseur.

    BTW, I am a US Army vet, who has a high kill count....as long as you count parked cars on a narrow German street, with a 2 1/2 ton military truck as the 'weapon'...in the early 70's.


    I do a lot of anti-scam work, and run an anti-scam site, and this fellow made himself known.
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  2. do you have a website or a better picture of his accoutrement? (that's right, i said accoutrement)
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  3. Looks like 'Trickywoo' the fat cunt.
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  4. its just that womans hand that he keeps on his arm is a little odd - sinister even. He maybe no duff - tough and all that.
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  5. I'm sure he'd be happy to email you one, that is, if it wasn't shot off in the war, or gnawed away by a terrorist disguised as a filipina bargirl. (In reference to his accoutrement)
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hardly rocket science. It took me about 5 seconds: Sir Charles Ingram.org
  7. gremlin beat me to it, the google force is strong on this one, find all you want in about 5 seconds ;-)
  8. Well, I didn't want to totally expose him (I'm sure he does that well enough on his own) unless more experience 'waltkommando' hunters agreed he is worth posting here.

    One dating sites he is using sircharles63 or lordcharles63 You can google those usernames and find him on a lot of dating sites, as well as the 'adult' sites, looking for companionship of all types, or maybe the rest of the ladyboy who belongs to that hand?

    sircharles63 - Passionate Titled man seeks

    UK Dating - lordcharles63 - I seek my dream, do you exist
  9. Wow Laird of Lochaber, he's in good company, Cyndi Lauper is Lady of Lochaber.
  10. Well I certainly hope no dusky muslamic or pale paddy types read about his outstanding career as an agent of the Crown, lure him to a meeting with a promise of pre-op cock - and help him atone for his sins with the skilful application of a chainsaw. That would be awful.

    That said, I doubt a man that would confess to such sexual tastes on the internet while providing pictures of himself is going to give two fucks about a bunch of internet crusaders publicly embarrassing him.
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  11. oh i dunno - fuck all else to do tonight
  12. "Our focus is to cultivate long term proactive relationships with our clients".

    "We believe in providing proactive protection-requiring proactive intervention."

    He's a proactive kinda guy.

  13. Hardly surprising since he "expects submissive women to be submissive". He clearly is very much in favour of; things that are things, being things.
  14. He has a Facebook page. Here are his 'interests':

    "Lee Evans: Access All Arenas, REM, Fly the American Flag, causes.com, In Support Of Our Troops and Against Protests At Military Funerals, Can this Goat get more fans than Barack Obama?, No Sharia Law in Britan Full Stop....NSE, Pseudotumor Cerebri/Intracranial Hypertension/IHR Foundation, 9/11 - We'll never forget - Will you fly a flag in memory of the lives lost?, Help Cure Cancer (no money donations needed, only clicks)
  15. In this day and age of the tinterweb why oh why do people believe they can get away with this shit!

    Yours Lord HEART_STOPPER 69th in line to the throne IGGBTAR etc etc