Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Biffo15, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi All

    Need advice on the serious subject of walting!
    Guy just joined our firm claiming to be Royal Marines REME?

    He claims to have joined REME as a vehicle mechanic and then got attached to 42 commando and served 6 years.
    Question: Do REME get attached to a naval unit ?
    And is there such a thing as REME
    Royal Marines
  2. Yes they do.
  3. Thanks ,it's just he's such a knob story doesn't go with the man !!
  4. He is REME after all!
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  5. Gods amongst men!
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    My father has just passed away after a long and valiant fight with bowel cancer. Dad was a much decorated REME war hero. He was decorated for plugging an oil switch which had been blown off by shrapnel from a hand grenade in Aden. Oil was pissing out all over and the engine was about to seize up. Dad jammed his thumb into the crank case, hooked an elbow onto the crossmember and shouted "GO GO GO".

    As a result four honest English lads got back to base safe and returned to their loved ones. Dad spent the rest of his life standing up, but he regarded it a small price to pay.

    My father was 5'2" tall. But he was a bigger man than you.
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  7. "Dad spent the rest of his life standing up, but he regarded it a small price to pay."

    Respectful question: Why standing up?
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If you have ever spent 20 minutes being dragged on your arse under a Landy in Aden with your ******* thumb jammed into the oil switch socket you would know. Dad was a hero in REME and now me and the family would like to be left in peace.
  9. Are you sure he was standing up, then? Could he not just have been 6'8" and sitting down?
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  10. You cannot walt as the REME, god himself would strike you down for impersonating one of his children.
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  11. My dad was REME too. In the Free Polish Army, so he was REMEski really. He didn't do anything really brave like TID's dad (may he repose in eternal rest with more virgins than the Mussellmen).

    But he did finish the war as a millionaire having nicked all the lead off the roof at Monte Casino and flogged to the Ffrench.

    He next jape was amassing a huge dump of explosives and weaponry in Siberia at a place called Tunguska. Unfortunately a wandering goat herder stopped there to brew up and inevitably there was a ginormouse explosion which achieved 7 on the Ricker scale when his bum star went half crown - sixpence.

    Fortunately he was able to harvest all the trees that had been blown down by the force of the explosion and sold them to Germany for the reconstruction of Dresden. As the winters were unusually cold in Germany immediately post war - and the Germans were worried about fire risks, having only just put Dresden out - dad also went into asbestos production and made a pile.

    Having survived an operation for the removal of his Haemorrhoid he had to sit on an inflated car inner tube for the rest of his life. He died two years ago, ironically of asbestosis which was not directly attributable to living in Sheffield.
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  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    This is the Intelligence Cell. Taking the piss out of war heroes like my ex-father is not appropriate. Kindly give it a miss. Me and the family are trying to come to terms with our grief and cheap shots from the likes of you do not help.

    I may setup a tribute page to Dad on Facebook. I don't know. The grief is too raw.
  13. Duke. I know how you feel. And ..... it's ok to let the grief out. Give vent to your feelings.

    A tribute of face book is a very good idea, you truly are a kind and caring son. He would have been proud of you.

    But how about this for an idea. Set up a profile for him on Linked In. Then he could be linked in with thousands of other dead fathers with similar interests.


    Matt XXX
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  14. There is no way he could be Royal Marines REME. He could have been RM VM or REME attached to 42 Commando RM. the norm at 42 was to have a RLC SNCO within the MT on exchange. I do not recall seeing any REME ranks attached to 42 Cdo RM (Cdo Logs may well have had REME on a scale).
    Ask him if he used to enjoy the sea view from the workshops at 42, if he says yes he's talking shite (although claiming to be "Royal Marines REME" gives it away). could be a Para trying to big himself up?:thumright:
  15. Come on, if you were going to invent a career would you honestly choose REME, RM or not???