Discussion in 'Medals' started by system-switch, Oct 10, 2011.

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  1. Is it waltish to buy a replica VRSM and wear it before the required paperwork/**** about factor has gone through the system? Speaking to a still serving member of Her Majestys TA who has done just that. Claims to be ok as he will definately get it, but wants to have it to hang next to his QGJM for upcoming Rememberance Sunday. I cry WALT but would like further advice
  2. Well, he's wearing something that he's not been awarded. So, quite sad.
  3. Surely being a walt is claiming to be something you're not.
  4. Yes, would go with the Walt thing.......

    Next time you see him, please slap him..... If its not published, or been awarded, it aint yours to wear.....
  5. No problem wearing a ribbon or a miniture of medal you have been awarded ie on JPA or Gazetted but not yet had the actual full size one presented. But as to buying and wearing a copy prior to award being announced, that doesn't sound quite right.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Should I buy an MBE to get mounted as well? I am sure I have done loads of good stuff and the CO must have written me up for it, mustn't he?
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  7. I think i'm more amazed that he/she thinks the VRSM would impress anyone, now that is ******* sad...... but then if all you have is the QGJM your fucked to start with, not been a very busy last ten years then I gather?... :eek:)
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  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In 1976 I had to get my GSM ribbon on my Number 2s cos UNFICYP was going to winter dress and walking out dress was No 2s. I met the SSM coming out of the tailor's. He told me to put up the UNFICYP ribbon too cos we had qualified for the UNFICYP medal by now, even though we didn't get the lump until after the tour ... which was bizarre considering we performed a medal parade in Ferrets at Nicosia Airport before we left.

    So yes, if yer qualified, wear the ribbon, but buying a medal sounds waltish to me.
  9. Send me your details and bank account stuff and I'll write you up, promise.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Thanks, but no need to trouble yourself.

    I am sure I have earned it, and there must just be some delay with the system. Perhaps Liz forgot to sign the last page for the birthday honours list? Bloody JPA!

    Never mind, I will just wang it up anyway and tell anyone who asks to feck off - I think I deserve it and that is good enough for bling.
  11. My Telic medal sat in the offices at HQ for 3 years before they presented it to me. During this time I was invited onto the TA100 march onto Horseguards. I was ordered to wear deserts on the parade as i had recently returned from theatre. As i didnt have my Telic meadal (and wouldnt have dared to wear my original medal anyway) i procured a replica. Now surely that's not waltish!?
  12. If he's been in long enough to have QGJM/VRSM but doesn't have any others, maybe it's time to deploy somewhere and get a real one.
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  13. I have both the QGJM and VRSM and when asked what they are for I normally state "Colouring between the lines" and "Being fucked between pillar and post".

    Thats as impressive as they get for me.

    The VRSM sat for quite a few years too as I had 3 lots of TA/Aux service plus a few years reg to add up and take away. That really confused them! In the time I was told I was getting it to the time it arrived was 3 years 3 months! I nearly got a bar just for waiting!
  14. Thing is, in the 80's and 90's we never got an invite to the party. I ended up in a role akin to the spotty teenager who was always found in the kitchen at parties, so when there was a party to go to, I still did not get an invite.

    However, I have a provisional invite just now, so may yet get a "real one"
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  15. Er, wot is a VRSM?