Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spot_the_Dog, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Here in Thailand, the LOS (Land of Smiles) we truly deserve the title LOW (Land of Walts) there's one on just about every corner. I know at least 3 of 'Them' all of which refuse to acknowledge the other, a Falkalands vet, and half Cherokee/Half Swedish Vietnam war sniper with a London accent and a couple that just 'don't talk about it.'

    This latest possible walt has been a...

    "US Navy Seal, Karate Instructor to Hollywood stars, bodyguard to Presidents, working for Hawaii Police and Fire Departments and captaincy of various ships around the world as a senior mariner."

    Check out this Walticide victim, who checked out today..


    Anyone ever had the honour of serving with him?
  2. Phuk Off.
  3. "Phuket" Love the name :p
  4. Have you just arrived from Mars?
  5. Whatever the truth behind this deceased man's service, there is no real incentive by Thai Police to investigate further unless the US Embassy Consul applies pressure.
    Which they may do if he was the real deal.

    Suicide is more often than not the finding, as it negates further investigation.
    The actor David Carridine's death is case in point, thought there appears to have been a cover up, as it was not pursued properly and therefore police "loss of face" dictates a quick conclusion.

    As for the dead fellow's walting credentials they seem highly likely as particularly in places like Phuket & Pattaya, expats embellish their past to varying & sometimes extraordinary degrees.
    In such places it is best to start from a sceptical POV until proved otherwise [rarely].
  6. No, they look very different. The one in Thailand looks like Elmer Fudd.

  7. The number of murdered foreigners here is horrendous. The last one, about a week ago was a German who had been living in Thailand for some time. The police let the 3 go initially ("as they had promised to come back later")before public outrage forced them to arrest 1. They are now blaming the German for losing his temper! For Brit civvies, its the place most likely to be murdered in.
  8. How did he sustain injuries to his forehead whilst strangling himself?

    And how did he strangle himself with a cord that wasn't attached to anything? Surely he'd have let go when he lost conciousness.

    Anyone seen my tinfoil hat?
  9. One thing is for certain, if it was murder, he forgot most of the training in the Navy SEALS and protecting Presidents Bad time time forget, during your own murder, eh?