Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by I.P.Freely, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. You made me laugh as well - only 5 days late ! :oops:
  2. Our clients rank amongst some of the most prestigious in their respective fields and we are pleased to be able to continue to offer dedicated personal solutions to new, existing and prospective clients who require a bolt on security consultant or agency to manage part or all of their security needs with absolute integrity and discretion, or bespoke technical or training solutions to protect and secure indivduals, executives and security operatives.

    Our clients include:

    Government Agencies
    UK Police Forces
    Special Forces Units
    Foreign Military Units
    Celebrities & VVIP's
    Security Agencies
    Blue Chip Companies
    Global Charities
    Corporate Lawyers
    Training Companies
    Close Protection Units
  3. **** me this is genius:

    Vol 1: "Am I Being Watched" - How to detect if you're being followed by the use of covert Anti Surveillance techniques as never seen before (including how to asses the type of threat against you and how to evade it covertly). This first edition inlcudes a live demonstration of the acclaimed BLACKChrysalis covert personal locating device and global monitoring and alarm system.

    Vol 2: "Am I Being Watched" - How to detect if your home, office or hotel is being watched by uisng covert anti-surveillance and covert vital ground studies and other covert procedures. This second volume follows on from Vol. 1 and is essential to protecting your family and business interests from intrusive surveillance, intelligence gathering, criminals and terrorists.

    Vol 3: "Am I being Watched" - How to detect if your client, principle or colleague is being watched by learning the covert skills of Counter Surveillance, where a team of people is used to detect and asses any threat over a protracted period, and how to initiate and effect recovery and extraction protocols to retrieve your clients, family or executives safely and swiftly, where every second counts.
  4. Has there been a time warp ?
  5. Have you heard about this bloke knocking around. Calls himself, wait for it, 'Baron' Castleshortt.....reckons he was with 'them' y'know, the SASS.

    Anyway, he is walting it up big stylee. However, I need to bottom things out a bit. I will do a bit of digging and update you when I can.
  6. Nice one !
  7. Dubby - you are correct there is a timewarp !

    Alternatively, it might be that the two posters above (hope and pray they are not INT CORPS) are complete bufoons :oops: and fail to read either other posts relating to Black chrysalis on the INT CORPS Forum or the significant two threads concerning Mr Shortt on the Intelligence cell Forum.

    Answer - Bufoons ! :roll:
  8. Baron Chinagraph

    From B2 sources in the central huntingdon amateur dramatic society; I'm pretty sure that Radford is one of TMA's exisiting retinue of travelling role players.
  9. wow the SASS, is that a new unit?
  10. But that's nearly all of ARRSE recently! How can they have missed them.

    I'm bored now with AdrIan and Jimbo, I'm going back to the "Woman and Boots" thread. Or I could start one about Rose and Laurel. Got mine yesterday...more Section numbers changed.
  11. Clearly spelling is not one of your B2 Source's strengths then?