Walt vehicles? Does anyone know what this supposed to be?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by POGscribbler, Jul 10, 2007.

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  2. It is the new plywood LandRover armour the MOD is trialing. The flag loos more like the Little Chef logo. Fair play though he has put some effort into his walt!
  3. if veiwed from a distance of ten metres or so you can clearly see it is a poor attemt as a bogus panzer..

  4. Its either a carnival float, or it could actually be a serious reproduction by "home front" re-enactors of one of the "cardboard tanks" that were used to train British forces in 1938-40.
  5. my dog could do a better job than that,,, its cr,,p the show organiser should have set fire to it,, its rubbish,,
  7. its still cr,,p
  8. Its the new Stealth Thunderbox
  9. could be a poor copy of this......
    Now there was a classic film !!

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  10. It’s actually a very clever bit of camouflage. Underneath it is a Mongpanzer Mk I.

    The outer shell is deliberately made to look so ridiculous that even walts would laugh at it, so it can get close to them without seeming to be a threat. Then, at the flick of a switch the shell falls away to reveal the Mongpanzer in all its earth shaking, terrifying glory.

    As a bonus, the shell also acts as stand-off armour to protect the Mongpanzer from the effects of anti-tank pellets as it makes its covert approach.
  11. Ooh ooh me me it's a challengeanika tank Mk 2 Mk ! was a fairy liquid bottle and a pair of vals old knickers:)
  12. Maybe its a spotters "hide" like bird watching.

    So that the really keen military-vehicle-spotters can get up close without startling the subject of their scrutiny.

    Just a thought

  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've researched this and it is in actual fact a very high quality reproduction of the cardboard/inflatable tanks put en-mass in form-up lines to confuse Mr Adolph who-do-you-think-you-are-kidding Hitler.

    As you can see from the photograph, the builder of said vehicle has gone to enormous lengths to stay as true to the original as possible. It is only slightly let down on some of the detail due to the fact that he was doing meth (and coming down off a crack and LSD high) when he put the finishing touches to it.
  14. still better than WW2 Italian tanks
  15. are they people in the turret .....one with his arm over the left side of the turret and his other arm around his buddy...???????

    crist they are heading for what looks like a bivvi platz !!!!

    its a jagdpanther hvy tk destroyer mmmmm

    but hey its a very poor effort ......................