Walt Twins

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mick2plod, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. ..................................WTF?

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  2. who are they?
  3. If I had not had joined the army, I would definitely have Walted, no doubt about it. I didn't really get much female attention until I joined up and that's a fact. I might actually start pretending I never left and tell people I am a remnant of the Vietnam War (I live in Thailand now) and that in order not to blow my Jungle Warfare Deep Insertion Operators cover, they will have to play hide-the-sausage.

    Walting, it's the only way ahead.
  4. Why are they walts? They just look a bit portly.
  5. Because the uniform was obviously made for someone else, someone even more 'portly'. Because the Walt on the left has Home & Away eyes. Because they look like a shower generally, and I've never seen a Guardsman looking like that.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The sash is the wrong colour for a start. It should be crimson and not scarlet.

    But on the other hand who the fuck cares if a couple of idiots are playing dress up?

    Why they are doing it is far more relevant.
  7. Ah thanking you. Just noticed the eyes. One looking at you one looking for you.
  8. Queens Jubilee medal and the cadet force medal by what I can see,not still serving is my guess
  9. Looks like QGJM & the T.A. Efficiency award! Pretty sure that the Coldstream Guard has the same medals on as well! Fakes I reckon.

  10. Maybe they like to play with each others pace sticks and beast themselves round their back garden parade square?
  11. Looks like they're standing round like a couple of morons who want to go two's up on some chubby 18 year old council estate girl with puffy t!t's who's looking for a couple of cocks to try with before your takes the full plunge in to going "Airtight". All because they have a couple of crappy gongs on their chests.

    But hey, I've been wrong before.
  12. who cares? theyre not hurting anyone. maybe they are in some sort of (sad and demented) re-enactment society. Maybe the photo was taken by a c0ck-hungry geriatric fruitloop whos lifelong ambition was a 'devils threesome' with two of Her Majestys finest, but they were all she could get. All this walt finding is getting way out of hand and detracting from the real issues, ie the dangerous ones. Where will it end? "I saw a man in DMS boots trhe other day. He was only 20. Theres no way he was in the Falklands.....?" Load of old ballix. Live and let live, unless he offends you or your unit. Hole time for this?
  13. The one on the right is wearing an RE twat hat
  14. Hoop this shit. Whats the fucking point of posting a picture with no explaination or reason for posting?

    I look forward to mick2plods next post in 2012.
  15. Both appear to be wearing buttonholes. Gay wedding?

    Good luck to them. To the hole!