Walt TV - Fake Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by orangesquash, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. In case anyone's interested the gentleman walt Colclough (this man) featured on the telly today:

    Fake Britain on iPlayer

    There are bits about him throughout but it's mostly at the end.

    I know there's a sticky for internet links etc but it is a walt-tastic programme feat. one or two ARRSE users. Well, him and moi.

    Also worth saying if this man has contacted any of the ladies on Arrse, or Fat_Cav for that matter, run for the hills and don't be a silly dolly like me.
  2. and the thread is as short and uninformative as this one.
  3. There are linkys in this one to explain, if you'd care to follow at least the first one. :roll:
  4. No gentleman he! Manipulative tosser in fact.
  5. Sorry, did I say "manipulative"? I of course meant "exploitative". My bad.

    Oh and he's a shameless lying conman, with no regard for the wellbeing of those he wraps up in his foolish little playacts. The c0ck.

    Yes, I do have a headache as it happens and yes, it has been a busy old week. Why do you ask?
  6. I read both of the threads, niether actually said what was said on the tv programme! two threads basically about bugger all until people started asking what you were on about, everyone can read the bloody wiki about what hes done in the past, but the threads are apparently about the tv programme.
  7. So why not click on the Iplayer link and watch the last 5 minutes of the programme and find out more or do you want orangesquash to come round and give you a blow by blow account of how he fcuked up hers and others lives?
  8. he, like me is probably at work and cant. im still none the wiser as to what was said on the tv!
  9. I'm watching it now . Will Chinooksdad get a mention ?

    I'd PMSL if someone set up an airsoft company , people sent off their money to join and found out they'd been conned . Cut to fat middle aged bloke whining " Someone said he'd show me how they played soldiers like they did when they were in the SAS and they cashed my cheque but never got in touch with me "

    If there's any airsofters reading this needing genuine advice on how the real SAS wage war send me an email and your bank details at Younaivecnut@nigerianscammers.com
  10. The faker managed to convince a TA female that he, (the faker), was a commisioned medical officer and then joined the afore mentioned female's TA unit as the MO.

    The faker subsequently started humping the womb out of the female before marrying her.

    Good drills Fake Man!! :D
  11. Apparently he has taken a few people in, and I dare say he would have to be a smooth operator. Being fremale, having viewed the wiki article on him, and with his face, he'd need to have the gift of the gab, as he is no George Clooney!! (at least George knew what to do with a stethoscope :)......oh dear, no, sorry I take gift of the gab back, the guy is just plain ugly.

    This nutter was masquerading as a MD!, a Bear Gryls wannabe, a Soldier, a Uni lecturer....and god know's what else :lol: Any woman would have to be deaf, dumb and a bottle blond with a white stick to take him on! Doesn't anyone do records checks there anymore? Finally, as was pointed out earlier, needs to sack his tailor :lol:
  12. You forgot Antarctic explorer too.

    So, obviously, you only go out with blokes for their looks, not their intellect as well? it's your lucky day, I'm as thick as pig shit but look fkin handsome :D
  13. I saw the programme this morning and I couldn't help thinking what malfunction his "wife" had. She was certainly no munter and I wouldn't have kicked her out of bed to get to any of you lot but to marry and hump a fat piggy eyed tosser like him must means she has some sort of issue. No?

  14. Oh my, he's Scott of the Antartic too! Jeez, he has quite a CV, and must be older than Metsusleah! But I have to say, in all honesty, and hand on heart, the last time I saw a face like his it had a hook in it :lol:

    Looks aside, if you can fix a fence Joker, start swimming. Just watch out for my pet Great White at the bottom of the road :lol: :p