Walt - True Identity wanted

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by THE_EDITOR, May 16, 2011.

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  1. This man is trying to scam people stating he is is in Afgahn ! Any ID as to who he is ??


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  2. PERSEC dear fellow!
  3. Fuck Me, the ID's have changed a lot.

    A staff officer never signed mine either, I'm feeling left out.

    Any more info?

    Claimed unit? Trade? Whats the background story?
  4. Where did you find the pic?
  5. Nice micky mouse id!
  6. I know Laaaandaan is kinda huge but is any body that thick?
  7. Surname: Kingman
    Middle Name: Patrick Murphy
    (evidently no first name)
    Nationality: London

    ...and the signature under the photo is KP Murphy

    With someone as bright as this, I'd suggest looking for someone called either Paddy Murphy or KP Murphy.
  8. This has got to be a wah
  9. Why a General?

    Why not a fucking Major or something SLIGHTLY more believable.

    Wait, I've just gone and implied that somebody might take that ID card seriously.

    Ed, where the fuck did you find this?
  10. he's knocked it up himself for a wah! gotta be

    how the fuck in hells other way is he gonna get some walts card onto a PDF? its not even scanned in if you look at the quality difference between the photo and the rest of the card.


  11. Why not? :-D
  12. Its bollocks. Look at the glaringly obvious mistakes in the card. He's given his first and middle name in the Middle Name line, Since when has London (UK) been a nationality, and look at the back. 'In the event of lost and found kindly return it to the any nearest UK..........." To the any? And he's spelt Military wrong on the black strip for fuck sake! This guy obviously has the motor skills of an 8 year old, and his ears are fucking wierd too! Illiterate Walt Paedo if you ask me
  13. It sounds like a Nigerian 419 scam. Some scallywag has probably knocked this up in Lagos or Port Harcourt and is emailing gullible folk to try to fleece them, hence the dodgy ID.
  14. Every comment pointing out the errors and the quality is being used by the OP to correct his new ID. He has read all the walt catching threads, and this was the final puzzle in his aim to be a superwalt.

    Age, and dates of Ops - check
    Medals from above Ops - check
    Medal order and on 1 row - check
    Correct fitting of sash and/ or braiding - check.
    Walt busting questions and answers memorised - check.
    Knowledge of ARRSE waltenkommando, and their methods - check
    ID card layout, colour, info - *In Progress*

    Sent from my Desire HD
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  15. Just in from the MoD

    "In a effort to save sum dosh,all milittarie peoples are too make there own IDent cards.Marks will bee awordedd for origginalitie and humus"
    winners will be placed on the Vision Onn art galerie wale.
    That is all".
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