Walt teacher...

Outrage as martial arts obsessed teacher poses with fake guns on bebo website. Anyone who has played the videogame Hitman will remember the pose the teacher is doing!

Click the link for full story and the photo that the teacher put up on the web:


A teacher has sparked fury among parents after a chilling picture showing him holding a pair of fake handguns appeared on a popular social networking website.

English and media studies master William Cambata, 29, set up a personal page on hit website Bebo - which shows him adopting a sinister pose dressed in black, with arms crossed, each hand grasping a handgun.

As well as the disturbing picture depicting him glaring menacingly into the camera, Cambata went on to list his interests on the page, which included horror movies, martial arts and role playing games. Using strong language, he also spoke of how he made classroom bullies feel "insignificant".
He is also a master in media studies, which says it all!
Not so much a walt as a t1t. And a sad, sad one at that. :x
What a tosser, I've seen meaner looking tips.
My old school....what a f'kin' carry on!! Looks a massive improvement on my old english teacher mind, you were never late for fear of a good raping! lol!
Nice parting in his hair,he wouldn't have lasted 5 mins against my old deranged maths teacher,he really was a scary cnut
Think its quite good pic actually lol!!
If he keeps the bullies heads down then I say crack on Sir.

They should bring back the birch (now that I am safely out of the school system), that'll learn 'em.
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