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From the Du Bora's website

Victoria Cross - £18.50.

Customers who bought this product also purchased:
Northern Ireland Medal
UN Cyprus Medal
Special Air Service (SAS) Other Ranks Cloth Capbadge
Special Air Service (SAS) Stable Belt
Special Air Service (SAS) Regular Parachute Wings
Something tells me that those who've bought these may not be entitled to them...

a.k.a. waltermitty specials.

I once sold a pint glass with a red lip print on the rim to a kid in a pub in scotland once. I said it was used by the SAS when storming the Iranian Embassy, one of the guys stopped part way to drink a pint of john smiths whilst wearing red lipstick.

He gave me £30 for it. Honest, true story!

Makes me laugh.

I got a guy offering me £80 for my old bergen because I said "as used by McNab/Bravo Two Zero"

**** yeah.

I have just ordered these but am not entitled to wear them I hope no one rumbles me.
Maybe i can order that VC i deserve at last ?, those NAAFI bar fights could be hell you know..

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