Walt Spotting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Private_Pike, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Just had a poss sighting while taking sprogs to McD's. Guy in dpm's hiking boots and maroon hiking boots.Badged up with flag, 16 AA brigade and DZ flashes- No Para wings!! Got right knocky when asked him how he could be a para without wings. Whaddya reckon Walt or not. Also in deepest Sussex and nearest unit TA sigs or PWRR.Maybe he was just a rupert who'd got lost? :?
  2. Sorry typo- brain going gaga should read Maroon Para T shirt!!
  3. Well done, you reminded me of a walt I saw on Sunday...meant to post this.
    I was sitting in a mate's car on a garage's forecourt, waiting for him as he queued to pay for petrol, I saw a guy in DPMs - what looked like an Arctic smock - filling up his motor on the next set of pumps to my left, I was reading the paper and thought nothing of it, as I didn't have a good view, but as he walked off to pay, I clocked a sandy beret popping out of his trouser pockets, neatly folded so the 'Winged Dagger' was on full view!!! He looked in his early 20's - mid 20's at a push.
    My mate passed him in the doorway but didn't see this and when I told him he was going to wait around, but the queue was long and we were late....so left him to his Walt devices.

    Wish I'd done something now - even if I found out it was legit (TA?), I could have told him not to be a dick!
  4. I was at Pegasus bridge for the D Day memorial a few years ago, and the Walts were swarming like flies on sh*t. One night, I was nearly ran off the road in the unit minibus by one of these clowns driving an unlit half-track out of road side woods.
  5. I saw a bloke the other week all dressed up in full dpms and para beret on a friday night in a chippy in Edinburgh. He didnt have any DZ flash or para wings on his shirt and (i may be very wrong) but i dont think any para units are in Edinburgh at the moment, and TA is on tuesdays.
    What do you reckon, walt or not?
  6. 15 (Scottish) Company 4 PARA?
  7. Glasgow I believe. Mind you, Friday night he could have been hunting down his last decent meal before a trg. weekend?
  8. Sounds very much like 15 Para Coy. Not all have got wings (on their dpm). Damned good Bn in the old days!! :cry:

    It's interesting though that many are not sure whether these guys are Walts or real...? Maybe the answer is if you're not sure ask them outright for an example:

    "Hey are you guys re-enactors?" That way if they are real then all they're going to do is tell you to F off. :lol:
  9. Paras reside in Edinburgh.
  10. Exactly. AFAIK, 15 (Scottish) Coy are in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. As T_S mentioned, successors to a fine and sadly disbanded battalion.

    Someone 'all dressed up in full dpms' on a Fri night, and in a chippy 8O , did not seem so extraordinary to me either.
  11. Probably getting his fish supper before going on a weekend jolly.
  12. Got two possible walt badge wearing saddo's at my place at the moment.

    How do I check up to see if they really are jumps qualified and Commando-ed up?
  13. Carlos... You some kind of Marine Sniper then? 8)
  14. Bone Question...whats a walt?
  15. A walt (short for Walter Mitty) is a person who either big times their military credentials or claims to be something they're not. example pillocks who dress up as paras , sas etc when they are really shelf stackers at the local Tesco