Walt spotting - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoodstaring, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Suspected Walt- He's a good one mind

    Green Howards Life Guards , SAS

    This guy is the smoothest bastard I have ever met, rather let down by meeting me.

  2. Current Affairs, News and Analysis, I see what you did there.
  3. You've not really got the hang of this have you?

    Link, reference, just a little clue maybe?
  4. Cheers for that :roll:
  5. Not in the the great City of Liverpool, but heres one
  6. He's the poshest guy you could imagine, with the most perfect accent.

    Fine, until he tells you he was a Lt. Col and stars taking well half-baked military stuff. He was talking shite.

    As a bit of context, this guy is swanning around Liverpool, cultivating an air of faded military glory.

    **** me, If I'd made Lt Col I wouldn't be hanging around student pubs.

    His name is Frederick but no one seems to know his surname.
  7. I'm shit at this.
  8. More info please.
    I am close and know a thing or two about the LG
  9. Has he 'tried it on with you' so to speak?
  10. Kindly take your rubbish to the NAAFI, this is not the place for your walt hunting fantasies.
  11. Sorry lad. beg your pardon an' all that. Not familiar with the forum layout.
  12. I thought you meant someone pretending to have a job!
  13. We've got plenty of jobs, we steal from you.
  14. Which pubs?
  15. How the hell did he pull that one off? (refering to fake TA Medical officer) I cant believe that his credentials weren't checked. I wonder if he was even asked for his MOD90!

    oh well, at least the loser was caught out.