Walt, should he be outed???????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DuckSoupPlease, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Right this is the situation,

    I’m currently working over in Iraq on the CP side of things for one of the largest British companies over here. One of the guys who came over when Erinys folded proudly informed everyone he was ex 3 Para and Det. It also came out that he’d done time with Box and other Bond type agencies.

    Well bugger me if it didn’t turn out to be a load of Bull s h-one-t. He’s an ex RLC Cpl (driver Trade). The regional security boss is ex SB and pulled him and showed him the proof. He was moved to another location.

    So the question is do we out him??? I know all the Para Reg will say yes but what do you all think??
  2. Yes. Bloody hell, better get back to the smock thread so I can disagree with the maroon brigade ...
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Of course, if only to provide entertainment for the board.
  4. ha ha i love you guys.
  5. If what I understand you are saying is, that a guy arrives in an operational area with minimum screening of his CV and eventually has what you describe as a former police officer uncover the realities, my question is -"what dipstick mob are you working for mate?"
  6. On the boss question he is ex SBS not special branch. I'm not here to defend the recruitment process but generally the Walts get found out quite quick.

    The company I work for is run by and ex Jock Guard CO who is no fool and I’m sure you will be aware that CV’s can be beefed up a little (little!!!).

    As I said I’m not here to speak for the HR department but as for a census on if he should he outed
  7. Say "have you got a para smock?"?
    If he says "yes", say "Why, they're nothing special!"
    If he says "no", say "Why not, they're not just for paras!"

    See if you can carry this on for 15 pages, ad nauseam......
  8. Out the twat.
  9. Out yourself. If you & your other employees had owt about you, you would have highlighted a potential experience problem asap (after all, your lives may be in his hands).

    Why come on here & big yourself up by asking stuff you should have the ba**s to sort out without asking for someone to give you a steer :?
  10. No, can't work out which company that could be.
  11. oooo all right princess calm your jets. Thanks for the heads up on what to do about the problem though i'll be sure to pass it up the chain, if your free maybe you could come across and run the $285 million contract. I'll get the p45's of all the massively experianced men dished out so you can come over and lead from the front. Cheers
  12. Should I speak with TS on your behalf?
  13. ha ha, cheers it will save me a phone call
  14. No, why bother? All he's doing is trying to earn a living. He hasn't comprimised anything, whats your credentials hotshot? or do you own a para smock?

    You sound full of shite to me, what do you do load magazines or pump up tyres?.

    Bigging it up isn't a passport to greatness.