Walt ROE?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Big Johno, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, recently joined ARRSE and wanted to ask a quick question regards LinkedIN walting. For those of you still labouring under the impression that this job is forever LinkedIN is where the rest of us are making notes of our quals and jobs (like an online CV) and people who know you then log on and perjure themselves by signing off on the fact that they know you and you are definitely the best plant op/ security professional / wild eyed lunatic they have ever met (you then do the same for them and the circle of fibs devours itself and therefore has never happened) we all know that most people 'enhance' their CV, but how far are you allowed to bend the truth? (especially regards your prior service) my better half's uncle has started a company (trying to keep this all anonymous at the minute for obvious reasons) claiming to have a successful security gig in a certain south Asian country, {Successful operations based in South East Asia with regional government support} - direct quote from LinkedIn - now this company does exist but i seriously doubt this guys ability to keep this information from his family. it gets worse, as far as I'm concerned walting as some civi rambo fair game whatever gets you laid but considering this guys dad spent 22 years in the senior service I think this
    [h=4]Petty Officer[/h][h=5]Royal Navy[/h]1987 – 1989 (2 years)

    is pretty fcuking low his dad only got to chief petty officer in 22 years, now I've actually confronted him about this and he said when he joined (he did join but never passed initial training) that with his 'technical skills' he was allowed to join as a PO (equivalent to a Sgt I believe) and that he's proud of his service and is including it in his profile (which doesn't justify 2 years as I've had longer shits than this guys navy career) the rest of it, in the words of his brother in law who worked for the same company at one stage is an 'almost complete work of fiction' however there are another couple of entries you may find disgusting/amusing/of no interest whatsoever

    [h=4]Royal Signals[/h][h=5]British Army[/h]1995– 1999 (4 years)HQ Division (35 Royal Corps of Signals)

    [h=4]Royal Logistic Corps[/h][h=5]British Army[/h]August 2010 – Present (3 years)243 Squadron (159 RLC)

    I know he was in the TA for this time but I'm sure you're meant to put a little (V) at the end of your squadron or regiment, not a massive point for the discerning ex-squaddie but your average civi won't know the difference.

    Cheers for reading this far if you made it, thats it really. Am I being a dick and this is the sort of fluffing out that everyone does on their CV's online or otherwise to be honest i never really liked this guy and I put up with him for my wife's sake (she's not a massive fan after all this to be fair) his family aren't particularly impressed with this but it's a case of oh well what can we do. please let me know if i'm over reacting or this guys a true bell-end.

    P.S. can I get on my All-Arms Waltenkommando course now?
  2. You forgot to include the encryption cypher with your post.
  3. So he's walting about being an ex Loggie, signaler and Matelot.

    Wow, he sure is shooting for the stars with that lot.
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  4. Took me 8 seconds to find out exactly who you're refering to.

    Is the obvious reason that he'll smack you all around the carpark?

    Edited to add; Anonymous my arrse. I now know who you are and your wife. I suspect he may soon too, if he's looking
  5. so now you're a walt if you dont include the (v)? i'm pretty sure i've walted it up in the past then.

    please dont call me names on facebook
  6. I hate walt threads of any kind if I'm honest. But at least I guess this one isnt a parathemmarinecommando?
  7. BigJohno? Are you Martin Johnson, former English lock; a big journo; or 5'3"?
  8. Which bit of this do you actually have a problem with?
  9. i find the guys lack of ambition disappointing. i'd love to meet a proper "zulus, thousands of them", "i was the only scouser in 'Nam", "and thats when Phil told me she had to go" walt. i think its sad that people keep trying to scare them away.
  10. So yes I am overreacting is the resounding answer that I seem to be getting. Cheers all
  11. You didn't even ask us a question. Now man the fuck up and confront him instead of dripping about it on here.
  12. The thing about telling fibs is that it always bites you on the arse sooner or later.

    Imagine my exes horror when she discovered that I didn't change the batteries in cats eyes on the motorway for a living.
  13. Is that what started the fight, and turned cats eyes into black eyes?
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  14. Snigger.
  15. If I was the baby Jesus I would have all memory of your existance expunged. Fuck off gargantacunt.