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Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by nochmal_bitte, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Hello.

    I can't seem to find the page on this guy.
    He also had his own (self fabricated?) wikipedia page. The man of whom Sir Mike Jackson said NATO can rely apon. Captain sir something something. Wore service dress to work in a call centre.

    Can someone post the URL? :)
  2. http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Alan_McIlwraith

    My hero!

    Apr 11 2006


    Here is McIlwraith's entry as it appeared:

    Captain Sir Alan Mcilwraith, KBE, DSO, MC (born 03 March 1978) is a British army Officer, currently serving with the Scottish TA. Capt McIlwraith is known throughout the military world as a man that can get things done and thought of as a hero that the UK and NATO can look to in times of trouble. McIlwraith's father was an engineer. Mcilwraith went to Shawlands Academy. In 1994 he went to Glasgow University. Mcilwraith was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment aged 19 finishing top in his class at Sandhurst Military Academy, specialising in the threat from the terrorism. Serving in Ireland, he spent two years commanding a parachute company in Northeren Ireland, rising to become the 2nd in command of 2 Para from March 2001 to Feb 2005. In 2000s, Mcilwraith served in the NATO chain of command as an advisor to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Wesley Clark. He is best known for risking his own life to protect that of his men for this action he as awarded DSO. He was also badly injured protecting a young woman from an angry mob. Without any weapons to hand, he placed himself between the young woman and mob this act of heroism made him a hit within the political world. Made a CBE, 2002 he was upgraded to Knight Commander KBE, IN 2005. Very few photos of Capt McIlwraith are in circulation he is camera shy but a splendid soldier says General Michael "Mike" Jackson.
  3. Great, many thanks.

    He's under the "king of the walts" section... I see now. Should have guessed.
  4. Its linking okay for me.

    Why him in particular? Any new developments on this loon?
  5. No I was just reading through Arrsepedia having a chuckle at Baron Castleshortt and thought I'd have a look at him again.

    Wikipedia seems to have some updates from last year...

  6. Will Someone please put the Prince out of my misery?

  7. I see the little spamgit's links in his sig line are still live & earning him money.

    Might be an idea for someone to kill them.