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So,Is a ARRSE invasion on the cards??Some comments by REAL Servicemen & women might be in order....
(Just for the sake of political correctness,you understand)
One of the major problems with womens equality (NB am not against it) is that people try and show that their orgaizaton supports and accepts the policy and start promoting ladies willy nilly - many of them without common sense, experience or knowledge of the work thay are expected to undertake.

This "problem" has been evident in the SS for very many years - as various enquiries and personal experiences have identified. They "fail" then express their ineffeicencies & become "bullies" to the rest of the staff.

This muppet has managed to confuse (most probably completely unintentionally) the SAS and the SS. Well done. Now other self appointed experts on that site will start flooding innocent readers with mis informed literal bullsh*t

This is a prime example of a discussion where a little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Especially when nobbers are claiming to know a few SF!
Int_N_Sly said:
"The regiment was supposed to be, as in it's title, a SECRET air service"



Cara_Cat has already told him
At the risk of being pedantic, The SAS is the SPECIAL air service.
Still had a little giggle at some of the replies, obviously upset the feminist lobby and some one quotes a bit tongue in cheek

A woman did win the "SAS Are You Tough Enough" competition. So it does show that some women have what it takes.
The posts are an interesting read with all manner of unqualified, inexperienced, pro and anti feminist types spouting off, but the board does not seem as active as Arrse.

There are a couple of Squaddies having a go in places. :D
Quote from Jack Biggs:

The silliness of Feminism and unisex marches onwards.

Tonight I watched ultimate force - a TV portrayal of the SAS. Our children will grow up thinking that (unisexually) women are physically and mentally on a par with men. An "SAS" women, covered in medals, showers with the men because she is "one of the boys" even with very large and proud udders, and that is unisexually considered normal.

I know a little bit about the SAS - although it was donkeys years ago. I was seconded twice for specific purposes, but was never in the Regiment. There is an RM advert currently running for Marine commandos saying that 99% need not apply. In the SAS , all of any service could apply but even after initial Service filtration 99% need not have applied either. Not only is the physical fitness standard required approaching Olympic levels, but ,and not a lot of people know this, there are severe psychriatric evaluations. The regiment was supposed to be, as in it's title, a SECRET air service- and the only time the pyscho tests failed were when a few go blabbing to the press or producing books.What I did -relatively non dangerous - was not subject to Draft Chits and none of my mates were allowed to be told (At that time) Secrecy.. (These people who did and are telling NOW , don't even realise that they are pulling up the ladder jack, I'm alright, and forewarning any enemy of followed tactics.). Perhaps they should get a different (old school) trick cyclist!

But Women - who have done brave things in wars- are not suited for this particular activity until either they achieve the same olympic ability as a male, or reduce him to theirs. And also take lots of pills to control their hormonal susceptibility to semi or real hysteria Also, on pack runs women do not have to carry kidney pouches - it might hurt their ovaries. What this means is that some man has to carry the equipment that would be in the pouches!

And in spite of hermaphrodite feminists who are calling the shots, and pushing for women SAS, most little girls INATELY want to play with dolls rather than guns. The media are pushing a false prospectus with this programme. (end quote)

This guy really seems to be a bit of a walt, and WTF does he mean by unisexually? I think he must have been pissed when he wrote it.
Priam said:
A woman did win the "SAS Are You Tough Enough" competition. So it does show that some women have what it takes.
Are you questioning that SAS Are You Tough Enough was not an exact replica of SAS selection? 8O 8O

Damn it thought I was in with a chance of passing then...
billyruffian said:
That could never ever have happened in 49 Para.
You're quite right billyruffian, that would never have happened in 49 Para. The members of 49 Para always carry kidney pouches, even in civvies and what would we care about our ovaries. We don't keep birds. Women have always had an equal part to play in 49 Para. Didn't all our members have mothers or grandmothers? Didn't those members need feeding or caring for?

Even at our reunions, we openly invite wives or dogs but always on a lead. The Landlord of the Squirrel and Truncheon has a fine wife who makes an excellent pawn sandwich and pulls a mean pint. The toilets are cleaned by a Mrs Nahasapeemapetilon and while she isn't even a Muslim, the toilet roll is always facing towards Mecca but why it should be pointing towards a bingo hall escapes me.

I realise that women feel they have a part to play but women should be at home with the children and baking them. Baking them nice things to eat and teaching them about fluff on jumpers or how to make a rocket from a flairy liquid bottle. Women have breasts and they get in the way. My wife was baking the other day and she just whipped them out. They were rather hot and had a nice cherry on each one but they were lovely tarts and worth waiting for. That's what women are good at and they should stick to it.

St John Walter (Corporal Retired)
Walter House
SAS isn't Simpson And Saunders, the catering company? I'm sure I saw it in a movie somewhere... (Rick Mayall, anyone?)

There all wrong- it's Super Army Soldiers. After all they wouldn't lie to one of their own, would they? :wink:
It's Secondary Air Service as 49 Para is the primary.

St John Walter (Corporal Retired)
Walter House

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