Walt Question of "Shooter" film....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by legs-o-lead, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. Watched this the other day, and noted whimsically that the main character takes out three baddies with head-shots using a .22 rifle from a standing position in a moving rowing boat at a range of 200 yards (apparently), but also using a plastic bottle over the muzzle as a "silencer"....... OK, here's the Walt....... can this actually be done, or wasn't my disbelief suspended high enough? :D the silencer I mean..... 8O
  2. walt :?

    wah or mong :?
  3. Ok Mong then :( but still, can it be done ?
  4. Anything can be done in a movie - especially a Yank one
  5. A 22 hollow point "stinger" would most probable do a head job at 200mtrs fired from a rifle, but from a boat? the plastic bottle does work ,sort of, but only realy for the first shot. I tried it once with a Bernardelli M69 pistol, dont know about how it would work with a rifle
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, it can be done.

    The volume inside the moderator is key to mitigating the effects of the pressure wave created by the sudden drop in pressure from muzzle to bottle chamber.

    The pressure inside the bore is released into the bottle, where the gas rapidly expands (and cools), before most of the pressure wave gets either absorbed or reflected back by the bottle wall.

    You wouldn't want to try it with a .308, but it's feasable with a .22 - albeit, you take too many shots and the plastic will melt.

    What you won't get is a quiet 'pfft' however - the level of sound moderation isn't super quiet like it is in the films - you DO get a thump, and if the bullet is supersonic (200m head shot, it better be), you're going to get a 'crack' from that.
  7. It will "help", but not as well as a proper suppressor.
  8. A 22 at a head sized target at 200m, yes it's possible. Weather or not the shot would have the power to penetrate the skull or just p1ss the target off I am not sure.
    As for the silencer, why bother, you will not hear a 22 fired from 200m anyway.
  9. Quite possible, I regularly used to dispatch baddies using my old BSA air rifle and a bottle of San Pellegrino as a silencer.

    I also used to strangle hookers with my Havaianas and then bury them using the flip flops as a proprietary shovel.

    It's all in the wrist action.
  10. Ah there are so many things wrong with the film but it is still an enjoyable action flick despite the ending. Like so many films, the book was better.

    As an aside there are so many continuity mistakes in it that it is fun to look for them: as a starter, when the FBI guy gets abducted, look for where his mobile phone falls on the pavement and then where it is in the next shot when the van drives off. Another, when he is being force fed water look at the water level in the bottle in subsequent shots.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Shed, gazebo, pine decking and a conservatory by now I suspect?
  12. I did it all the time in Helmand. I used to shoot from a moving WMIK but used the 50 cal from the hip. The plastic bottle didn't work but I used a small dustbin on the end. Hope this helps.
  13. Pretty much in agreement with that.

    At 175 yards shooting prone, rested, I've shot a half inch group with a .22 rifle so the rifle could be up to the job of getting the bullet on target. Standing unsupported? Well expect at least a four inch group, generally more.
    Standing unsupported in a moving boat? errr..... yes, well........

    At 200yds the round is not going to smash somebody's head to peices - it wouldn't do at 10yds. Whether it would cause a fatal injury even is uncertain. At least as likely to wound as to kill.

    An improvised moderator would have a serious effect on accuracy so you could forget about pulling off such a shot with one fitted. AS has been said, .22 rimfire is not very noisy anyway.
  14. so where do walts come into this?
  15. And what's odd is, that my story of killing hookers with a flipflop is more believable than that pile of shit you just dreamed up.

    I pray you're the bigest wind up since dales/MDN/The Lord Flash heart's alter-ego "Chubb", otherwise you have some very, very serious mental health problems for which you should seek immediate help.