Walt Question - Check honours/rank/medals?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FormerlySuperNoob, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Used to be on here known as 'supernoob' about 10 years ago, couldn't remember the password or email it was registered to so had to create a new profile - hello to anyone who remembers me from the chat rooms etc :)

    I presume you all know about this sort of stuff.

    My boss seems to get fairly excited about the military credentials of various prospective clients or existing clients, he seems very impressed. Had a director of one firm claming to be ex-sas, although at a corporate function in front of his wife when I asked him if he'd ever been in the army he sheepishly admitted not to be the case.

    Anyway, for reasons unrelated to that they left us with a fair bit of debt owing and I think it was because of his military 'claims' that my boss gave him that much credit, thinking him an honourable sort (don't ask me, i'd have asked for money up front BECAUSE of his military claims even if they were true :D )

    But I'm getting a sense of deja vu now from another client, new one this time, very small firm and outfit, my boss is giving them credit and the guy in question is claiming to have all sorts of crazy level medals and stuff.

    Because of the very very senior nature of these awards and the odd mix (CGC, QGM, MC anyone?) I figure there should be a source to be able to check this against? Also his rank seems a bit 'odd' - trained with army, but transferred to RM after an overseas exchange?

    Now I know one guy who genuinely did something like that so it's not unheard of - but meeting one seems fair enough, two seems a bit over-coincidental to be honest.

    Any help would be gratefully accepted, despite being about to leave this company I do feel I should say something.

  2. Quite simple to check. The London Gazette publishes all these awards. Just plug his name in here:

    Advanced Search
  3. Thanks for that - rather unsurprisingly nothing comes up that is related to the guy in question. Just to make sure I wasn't being a total mong I put in various members of my family and the honours they have all popped up automagically, so I know it's working at least.

    Now for the fun part. This guy has some of this stuff printed on his business cards, is that an offence? Especially as he's using it to gain some kind of financial advantage...? Also, any way to check if he's ever served? He's claiming to be a former para btw, predictable I know ;)
  4. Don't take the first negative search as an indication that this guy is lying. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out the information you want if you do not put just the right search terms in. Sometimes names are misspelt, sometimes the OCR throws up mistakes, sometimes there are just too many entries to search through.
  5. Good point, although there were a few entries of his name (and I took the spelling from his business card) I suppose it's possible he doesn't use his first name. Although my brother has 2 nerdy middle names that he never tells anyone and the gazette picked right up on those regardless...
  6. Quite so. But the claim of CGC, QGM, MC etc helps in the selection process. If FormerlySuperNoob wants to IM his details I can be a "second pair of eyes" when it comes to navigating the vagueries of the London Gazette.
  7. Yeah he's not there, but I never bothered to check before because wikipedia is so unreliable on a lot of other stuff... Is that a comprehensive list? Is there a better source that can't be edited by anyone in the world do you know?

    By the way, thanks for this guys, sorry to be a pain with all the dumb questions.
  8. that is a decent list if im honest! there is even some "them" names on that list!

    you could possibly try the gallantry medallists league as im sure they will be aware if anyone has recieved this number of gallantry awards

    also where does he claim he was awarded these gallantry medals
  9. Thanks for the offer to help Gas, but I'm not yet comfortable to give out a name of a client. Regardless of my views and suspicions, a corporate relationship does exist between my company and this chap's mob, so I dare not rock the boat to that extent just yet.
  10. Will look into that. I don't know the time he claimed, given his age I was surprised at the CGC in any event, although he doesn't appear on the list and it is only barely possible in any event from what I know of his previous company and employment history (easily searchable) unless he was in some kind of sas reservist unit or something during employment.
  11. No worries I quite understand. It might be an idea to let the boss know. You know the "I just happened to be looking in the London Gazette and...." sort of thing.
  12. Heh yeah, I think I'll go with the 'was looking up my families modest accomplishments and for a laugh put in our client and for some reason it didn't show' whilst he's drunk as a skunk....
  13. To be fair if it's happened once before to your firm surely he'll thank you for taking the time and effort to stop it happening again?
  14. Doubt that, you know what they say "you should never meet your hero's ted" ... People don't like having bubbles burst.