Walt PARA/SAS medals.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fallschirmjager, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Well here we go again. Complete and utter fake medals to the SAS. The medals are clearly copies to a bloke i know doesn't exist. I've got the bidding up to £1000.00 at the moment. Who can outbid me on these walter mitty medals. :D

    The seller is breaking ebay rules selling something as the real deal when it is clearly fake. You have no obligation to buy them as such!

    Good luck on stitching this prick up who has ripped off people in the past. :D

    walt medals
  2. mate another great find on walt bay let the bidding wars comence ! lets hang this mong out to dry
  3. So when the auction ends and highest bidder pulls out, does he still have to pay the ebay fees? Or is it waived?
  4. Once ebay know that his auction is invalid he will have to pay the listing fee.
  5. Yes, sorry thats what I meant to say, the seller. So If that total gets up to a couple of grand, I'd imagne the fee would be quite hefty? :lol:
  6. dont we get in the poo if we pull out at the final bid?? Or do we get away with it due to him falsely describing the product??

    Edited, seen answer!
  7. This guys profile suggests he has a Corsa and a BMW, and buys a lot of crap DVDs.....not that i'm implying anything.....
  8. Good enough for me, summon the hangman!
  9. Don't they have an area to report this type of fraudulant item, or is it a waste of time?

    Fallschy, if we can sort of prove they're bogus then its a fraud and they have a complaint area on Walt bay I recall seeing. Won't they pull it???

    I've never dealt with that area, so maybe I'm just a mug on that though? :oops:
  10. Well i've stuck a bid in at £2000.00!
  11. The sole reason i bid on sh1te like this is because ebay will not do anything about it. They are only interested in making money. Though once the listing is over and you tell ebay the medals are fake then they stitch up the seller! :D
  12. I agree fully with Fally's last. Ebay are no use, lets wind the seller up thinking he's quids in. Pity we can't see his reaction.
  13. Just as a matter of interest what are the wings he has placed on the Red Book at the bottom?
  14. I bet hes already mentalling spending the cash, as each bid rolls in. Shame he wont be getting a penny :lol:
  15. £4000! :wink:

    Fcuk knows what those wings are. Probably his mums brown wings! :)