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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Liney_Lunatic, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Out of curiosity as there are several on Facebook now, are any of the walt hunter pages run by arrse members? I'm only asking as I am completely clueless as to who is running what. And seeing some of the posts I can guess which one isn't.
  2. So you are a hunter, hunting those walt-hunters who use walt-hunting pages on Facebook to hunt walts?

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  3. Not at all, I freely admit that it is mildly amusing to see what wankers are out there bigging themselves up be it as a walt or bloater. Just want to make sure im not following Tim wades bollocks on Facebook, especially after what I've read on here. I've served and hate the fact that walts think that it's acceptable when it clearly isn't and shows massive disrespect.
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  4. Probably. There's load of bellend virgins with no lives on here.
  5. I hope Mr Wilkinson finds you and bullies you.
  6. I've also wondered who's who and saying what about whom.

    I've a few mates who link/share several of these pages, but I've no idea if just perpetuating the Wade-drivel or if it's an ARRSe off-shoot (aka THESUNJOCK and others).

    Me personally, I avoid them like the fucking plague
  7. Zzzzzzzzz.................
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  8. Timmy Wades page is "The Walter Mitty Hunt Community " , he is also "Daemon Hunter . Public against Paedos " . So he is not only falsly accusing people of Waltage but also as kiddy fiddlers , I like neither of the aforementioned but I like even less people getting battered or worse because that fucktard has a vendetta .
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  9. Not this Timmy Wade of internetshire who we all like to rip the piss out off

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  10. The one and only....One is more than enough !

    As a post script , I have been saddened that he has many followers who take what he says as read...he does paint himself as a righteous "Organisation" rather than a no fixed abode alchoholic living in a van . I have been trying from time to time to post on his pages to warn people in my own and various sock puppet guises , these posts are soon deleted and I get barred from posting but if anyone here would like to post there as well.......
  11. i know on the 25 yard range its pretty good.