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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Malteser, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. Now we all know there are Walts out there and not just on here, but in other services as well.

    Now on a police forum there are several people who claim to be in the RMP's, now as the site is for Civie Police, in fact Specials they think they wont get caught.

    Now one such guy claimed he was in the RMP, at one social he was flashing a warrant card around claiming he was an MP, sadly I didnt get a chance to see the badge. Now a blade of grass had more muscle than him, the very thought of him arresting two PARA's for example is enough to reduce anyone to hysterical laughter.

    Just before shipping out to Iraq I asked him what unit he was in. Instead he used police slang for the name of the unit. After that he stopped posting.

    Yesterday there was a person on there claiming to be an RMP and had it as his signature, he was making statements about the kit. However the best bit was he made up this scenario, claiming he saw an "MI5" car parked outside a house in his street, he said he knew it was the "Secret Intelligence Service" vehicle as it had a blue mag light on the roof as well as yellow tabbard with MI5 on the back and that the blokes were wearing black bomber jackets with "MI5" written on the back, he then asked if they had the power of arrest, carry fire arms or PPE, he then asked if anyone could tell him what they were doing.

    Coincidentialy there is a profile with the same name on here claiming to be an Officer, a simple goodle search found another profile on a British Airways site witha bloke claiming to be a Captain.

    Now if someone was in the RMP's would they ask such SFQ. If these gimps are going to make up persona's you would have thought they would have done some research first.
  2. Please kind Sir, a few links so that we may observe this walting in action.

    T C
  3. The entire post about the "MI5" raid was deleted after the author "Moondog88" started making abusive comments, but there are a few on www.policespecials.com who claim to be in the Military Police.
  4. Malteser wrote:
    There's only one man who gets away with wearing a black bomber jacket with writing on the back link
  5. Just checked it out, one post was on powers of the RMP, what a shower of cnuts....
    Nothing really against specials per se!! especially if they are doing it to get in the regulars, but there are some right fookin wierdos on that site.......... 8O
  6. One of the worst is the guy calling himself RMP.
  7. Check out the thread about Arming the Police.....fookin scary cnuts, some of the comments on the thread I didn't know wether to laugh or be VERY concerned that some of these people actually have access to any sort of weapons, eg CS, batons, fcuk me, I am fookin handing in my warrant card if they arm any of these pr1cks with firearms..... :roll:
  8. aaah from the title of this post I thought you were organising an outing for walts. Sending them somewhere nice on a bus, like the one in the movie Speed :roll:
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    elovabloke LE Moderator

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  10. There is the problem, it is actualy very worrying that some of the people on there are actualy regulars as well, it is a sad reflection on the Police Service that they are serving.
  11. Bunch of Fcuking w@nkers mate, I logged on and asked one MOONDOG why he could not spell!!!!!! The mod kept removing my question and accusing me of being confrontational!!!!
    So I re-phrased my question to ask which Pro Coy units he had served in and that was removed as well, for yes, being aggressive and confrontational!!!!!!! Humourless cnuts.see thats why I hang around here, cause I have to work with t0ssers like that all day!!!!!!!! :D
  12. That is the person who was asking about MI5 Ops and getting MI5 & 6 missed up. He got banned after that thread.

    I use this forum for the same reason as you do mate.
  14. I have always wondered why the RMP's were disliked !!!!!
  15. how strange...