Walt or Not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. My mother recently bought me a book called Bravo Two Zero about British SAS during GW1, knowing how much I love military history. However, when I read the back cover, it seemed to scream walt. Maybe I'm just cynical about anything that "gives a gritty insider's look into the world of special forces". Also, I felt like I remember the name Andy McNab mentioned on hear somewhere. I wanted to know if anybody on the other side of the pond is familiar with it
  2. poor wah?
  3. Is this a wah?
    Or are you a septic who is unfamiliar?
  4. My guess is Canadian, so perhaps he should be given a chance 'eh' :wink: ?
  5. cj,

    it was written by someone who was there, however, some of the details have been questioned by others. I guess the 'waltiness' you sense may just the publishers hype.

    hope that helps.

  6. Surely everyone on the planet is aware of Bravo two zero (I liked the film).
    If he is a Canadian I can give him a chance but that just means he should have more reason to be aware.
    CJ is this a wind-up? shouldnt this be in the literature section?
  7. I am a septic, not canadian (sorry to disappoint). Anyway, thanks for the info. The story is not exactly well known here, so I thought I would ask the Brits.

    Mods can move this to the literature section if it belongs there
  8. Get the film as well (excellent)... see how things should be done. :wink:

    As for the "real story" does anyone else know what aspects are up for dispute :?
  9. Chris Ryan also wrote a book about his E&E to Syria which is pretty decent.

    By the way Joseph, who's the bloke in your avatar? If it's you then you've aged a hell of a lot in a few months.
  10. The Real B20 is the apparent "true" story of that sorry mission. The author, Michael Asher served in the Paras, 23 SAS(V) and the RUC before going off and doing deserty geographical/explorery stuff.

    You might want to read Soldier 5 too, by Michael Coburn.

    Unless I miss my guess, that avatar is none other than Canada's military conscience himself, Lt General/Senator Romeo Dallaire?
  11. Dallaire was the basis for Nick Nolte's character in Hotel Rwanda by the way...
  12. dallaire's book was very disturbing. not an easy read if you at all sqweemish.
  13. "Soldier Five" is the most accepted version of events. Ashers book is based on the fact that he trusts the Bedoin so much, that they could never lie to him about the events!!!?!?!?!!!?!
  14. Indeed it is. I'm almost done with his book. Like Ski says, not a book for the squeemish