Walt or Not?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Yes - Walting Cnut

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  2. No - He just needs a shrink

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  1. Chatting with a mate at the mo - we are both on leave after an Op Herrick tour. He has just told me that he has bought an Airsoft M14 and Glock because he misses having a weapon after 9 months of an SA-80 as his constant companion.
    My question is that: as he is on leave, does this make him a walting cnut? Not that being on leave is an excuse...
  2. ive been out over 10 years and i still get gun urges...only i want real ones not plastic....
  3. Sound like a poor excuse (missing his SA80). Think he may be mad and go on a killing spre with a machete.

    But yeh hes a walt.
  4. Did I mention that he slept with a combat knife by his pillow when we were out in theatre?

    'Just In Case...'
  5. Some blokes are like that, a mate of mine in SUR, a digger, has a two handed broadsword under his bed - razor sharp, and an over and under shotgun in his wardrobe.

    Can you imagine the poor cnut that decides to break and enter his house and comes face to face with 5 ft of polished sharpened steel!
  6. It's quite possible your mate really does need some help. Better to help him out than find out he's gone off the rails with his toy gun and been topped by the police.

    Best wishes,

    Ex STAB
  7. Hmm I have a set of Samauri swords and a leatherman - just in case
  8. Never mind the walting issue, he's a certifiable fruitloop mate. Following his sort of logic, what do you do if you've just retired from 40 years working as a pathologist? set up a pasting table and shop dummy in your back bedroom, then slop a bucket or two of butchers scraps around the place?
    He needs to find himself a good pub and a bad woman.
  9. Nah, I know that he is ok. I may have slightly embellished some of the facts here. He is just one of those slightly strange types...

    He does had a bad woman... a page 3 model!
  10. I think we should be all be thankfull he wasn't in the RA or a tank driver.
  11. WG100 - I've PM'd you.
  12. I have a BSA .22 Lightning. Every day I shoot something with it. Usually pigeons but occasionally a squirrel or a social worker.
  13. Killing things is good therapy.
  14. Death to all those.....errrrrrr, ah, it's time for Wollwich tomorrow.
  15. it should be like during wwii,you take your rifle home with you....

    god i need to move to america,,,,guns,guns guns more guns,,,,,,,,,