Walt or non-walt

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Equaliser, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. If someone uses their former regiment as part of their email address, do you reckon it's potential waltish behaviour? eg, darrenmarine@aol.com (apologies if there really is a darrenmarine). Course, could just be pride at their past. Judgement call from the experts, please.
  2. Get a life.
  3. If you say it's his former regiment, how is he a walt? I think you're a walt!
  4. Good to see you're as welcoming as ever. I'll leave you to play with your shriveled manhoods.
  5. Mine is not shriveled its just compact
  6. That's what all wives/girlfriends have to say. It's in the manual.
  7. What word does your missus use then?
  8. I wouldn't know I've never spoken to or seen one naked, the local dogs avoid my like the plauge though- but they were asking for it
  9. Are we hacking email accounts yet? No?

    Please tell me we are doing behind the scenes work? No?

    Damn you equalizer.

    Love you,

    Kev Hughes X
  10. then why won't you hold me anymore
  11. Because it's my fucking turf.
  12. 2s up?

    10blinking letters
  13. Cos you never buy me flowers and don't take me out anymore. Sure I've put a few pounds on but your a fat fuck and are thinning.

    Remember when we met? You were a tentative and considerate lover......

    I'll post the rest once Mrs Seagull has finished saying it. She's looking for some frozen peas in the fridge at the minute....the cunt.