Walt?, or just a wanacker!?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by genesis, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Ex father in law claims to be a drill pigging all singing all dancing super secret andy mcstab...... i smell a walt!
    claims to have passed selection for what he called " them lot"....but hes one hell of a fat cnut called terrence!!...
  2. And...........................
  3. :sleepy: kick his fucking cunt in then ZZzzzzzzz
  4. Try to bum him. If he kills you with a single blow to the elbow, he's the real thing.
  5. ah chefs and walts go hand in hand!
  6. Nope nothing registering

  7. Nope he's a walt and you're just a wanacker!?

    Peace out :)
  8. I can cook a mean omlet and stick beans in a microwave, does that make me a chef?
  9. are all army chefs part time mass murdering ninjas?..... didnt think so.
  10. He's just a fat cunt called Terrence! You're just a cunt!
  11. well everyones got to have a hobby!,
  12. This one is . . .

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  13. what im after is, is there a quick way of outing him? anything he should have to prove what he says?
  14. I was up round the borders on a bike run at the weekend and stopped off at a town called Moffatt. There was a bloke walking round wearing a RRF beret complete with hackle, lightweight shirt and a kilt.

    Wish I had a fucking camera, he looked awesome.
  15. No, cause you can actually cook an omlete.