Walt or actual SAS heroe

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by cadethopefull, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. walt.jpg
    I found this image while browsing, and found this guy (bottom left) on a para recruitment video, it looks like an impressive rack but seeing as though im yet to serve im wondering if someone more knowledgable (i think you call them the gongpolice:?) could comment on the plausibility of it. Its looks old to me (the picture) so he could be a world war 2 vet, or possibly a walt...or possibly an incredibly decorated heroe of the british army that I in my infinite stupidity was ignorant about. Any thoughts?
  2. Go away.
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  3. Anyone more knowledgable than you wouldn't call them the gong police.
    As you said, you're "yet" to serve, what's it to you?
  4. I should probably rename this thread Medal quary, as im more interested in the medals than anything else as i like my history...or i could just go away
  5. You should probably take the advice given in post #2.
  6. Go away and learn to spell then...............don't come back.
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  7. The point has been missed, obviously cadethopefull was after an answer, and got put
    Down for asking a fair question, ...
  8. Don't go! Get a webcam turn it on, get in a bath of water, and drop a live toaster in it with you. Make sure you post us details on how to view the webcam 1st though.

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  9. You can join him too if you like? You might need a bigger bath though?
  10. I'd suggest you get your Mum to ask for a refund.
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  11. This bloke was outed as a walt, arrested and dealt with ages ago.


    Now kindly sod off, you sockpuppet.
  12. Obviously a remf smudge67....Pass a pfa,go to afghan then speak to me
    you has been, he only asked a question...
  13. I assure you im not cadet hopefull, I read this post, thought it was unfair that a cadet should get so much stick for asking a question, and joined
  14. Obviously not a real Para, or you'd have called me a "hat" by now.

    Haven't you got some boots to be bulling, you thick wooden top can't think for yourself cunt?
  15. Are you some sort of internet hero? Will you be my internet Dad? Don't assume that my birth year was 67...I can assure you, it's not.

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