Walt on the radio


When driving home from EX this w/e I heard this guy on LBC talking to Nick Ferrari (I thnk it was a 'best of' clip).

In a nutshell, the guy was saying that soldiers are abused by their government and all the usual stuff we moan about, but the kicker was that he started to say that he'd still go back because he was a 'great commander' and didn't want his 'boys' to be lead by 'some other muppet' (leading one to presume he thinks of himself as a muppet).

His 'command' was a team of eight blokes, so presuming the obvious he's probably a Corporal in an Inf Unit (he sounded gruff and warry so he must be Inf)... He went on to say that he'd volunteered to do the Summer tour to lead his boys because he felt he was the only one who could bring 'em home safe...


Call me cynical, but it all smells fishier than a Lesbian's handshake. I hope I'm wrong but I suspect that this guy may well be a TA soldier, perhaps one who has done a tour... or, maybe someone who was once in the Army/TA but got kicked out for being rubbish and still reads Bravo Two Zero on the bus to the Job Centre.

I only caught the last 3 - 4 minutes but I was already nearly heaving the Stereo out of the dashboard to hurl across the central reservation.

Has anyone heard this guy on the Radio... Anyone able to positively ID the guy... Can we start a campaign to out the maggot if it transpires he is not only a Walt but a Walt on the radio (any jokes about TA Sigs are not welcome at this juncture).




War Hero
so just by listening to his gruff voice you know he's TA inf? You should get a job at GCHQ with your talent! :joker:


The-Daddy said:
so just by listening to his gruff voice you know he's TA inf? You should get a job at GCHQ with your talent! :joker:
I would, but I hear the canteen is rubbish!

Ref: LBC... Yes it is sh*t, but I cannot work out how to scan on my car stereo yet so was stuck with it for 5 mins...

Perhaps I was being harsh on the guy but apparently he's a regular caller so maybe someone will one day here him calling in... in fact, he may be a reader of Arrse!

Here walty walty walty....
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