Walt of the year award?

Someone posting on a bike forum, reckons he's a bit ally, some people actually seem to believe his shit:

Whilst 'working' in a 'can't be named' location i was pursuing some tasty feckers we were likely to slot.
It was 2am, pouring with rain, we were hammering across a golf course at around 60mph and after failing to successfully ram the bandit i lost control and put myself, my crew member and a prototype Volvo estate from the specials department, backwards into a lake at entry speed of around 30mph.
Yes it sunk and yes waiting for the thing to sink first to let the pressure equalise is technically the best thing.
But no we didn't wait before it hit the bottom. We were on the bank before the lights went under, running after the bandits, who unfortunately got away!! (We got them about 2 weeks later.)
The funniest bit is i remember is shouting at my crew member, whilst sliding backwards just before the splash, 'we're going in', to which he quite calmly replied, 'no shit!!'
That would have me driving to the armoury and reaching for the nearest loaded Glock....
In a thread asking people what's the two most diverse jobs they've had

Merc and teacher.
And the latest classic:

Worked overseas for a department who didn't sell the full picture. Things got hairy, i ended up in a cell for a while, money exchanged hands, i walked out and promised myself not to put myself on offer like that again.
Problem is i like the urban street warrior shit and with no commitments my whole life i've enjoyed skimming my stones across the waters top.
More where that came from :thumright:


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He'll have to go some to beat ex Royal Marine Recruit Ed Windsor.


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