Walt Nun

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DarkBlueLoggie, May 26, 2006.

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  1. She couldn't be a real nun as she kept feeling superior.
  2. whats next? pope walts?
  3. "I am attached to the Carmelites and that's it."


    It does exactly what it says on the tin.
  4. Its a terrible habit to get into..
  5. And out of.

  6. We'll have nun of that thank you :roll:
  7. I heard she has a rosary outlook on life..
  8. Having read the book and then "thrown it in the bin", Sister Mary Michael took her protest to Cannes earlier this month where the film was first shown.

    Didn't know you could get penguin in Cannes.

    Must look in Asda.
  9. You're making me cross...
  10. I'd nail her..............Does that even count as a pun?
  11. At least she's not singing.

    Dominique, nique, nique, over the land he plods
    And sings a little song
    Never asking for reward
    He just talks about the Lord
    He just talks about the Lord

    Fcuk off!

    That's better.
  12. The 'nun' is said to do good work with people on the fringes

    My fringe is getting a bit long.
  13. heard she got issued an ASBO for hanging around the cross
  14. "The bishop knows all about me, he knows why I wear my habit and so on. It is unusual, I can say no more. I can't even understand it myself but I've never done anything underhand "


    I didnt think that would get you sacked?