Walt needing outed

I've been thinking about how to post this for a while. I now don't have access to many pics (wrong computer and he blocked me on Facebook) and not sure how to attach images, but I'll do my best.

Name: Paul Anthony Kettle
Lives in: Solihull, West Midlands.


He dresses the part, then uses his Mk 5 Shorland (front end has been changed for a Wolf front end) to go onto ranges and into training areas to pinch stuff. He generally tries to wear rank slides that will be a higher rank than anyone he will meet, and even used to go onto the sites in his old ex-military landrover painted to look like EOD. He permanently wears his dog tags from being in the TA and has numerous stories of his "Time in the Army" and how he "Nearly got seconded to the SAS as a driver". That would be the TA version of the SAS (two-three), not the proper mob.

Currently he likes to go around wearing full Colonel's rank slides, but has been known to go as low as Captain when he was just another lowly Private when he did his weekend warrior stint.

He also has a houseful of things he's collected off the ranges, including UXBs which he reckons he's "made safe".

This has been reported to the MOD because of his many scavenging expeditions onto ranges and training areas and we are waiting to hear from those. I would just like to out him publicly because he acts like something he is not and deceives people. Yes, he does things for H4H, but he does it as a high-ranking officer and doesn't correct people's impression that he is an active member of the Army.
4 Mechanised Brigade, hmm I will keep my eye out for this nobhead
And what's your name? Pot?
He sounds a bit of a drama from his Facebook bio:

After training as a weapons engineer with the Navy at HMS Raleigh & HMS Collingwood,
I eventually ended up in The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and The Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment,
Trained as a Plumber/Gas Fitter I worked for a local authority which is now run by a private company.
I also run my own renovations business, buying, renovating and selling property in the Solihull & worcestershire.

After having a run-in with Birmingham child services a few years ago and winning my argument and getting social services to admit that it’s the money that matters before the welfare of the children in their care. And that they do not vet some staff (Off the record unfortunately) After keeping them there most of the day armed with letters from parents stating that they preferred my way of doing things to there’s I had the greatest of satisfaction in telling them to stick their contract up their backsides as I didn’t agree with some of their restrictions. They didn’t know I had no intention of going back anyway as it didn’t pay enough and originally only doing a favour for a friend. Anyway I decided to get involved and do what I could for young people so now I work with young people full time and from feedback received my ways do work and I help lots of young people who have been let down by the system and I work with a team who are as passionate about what we do as I am.

Run In with child services !! Lordy . Not something most people put in their fb info
So he's a nonce too?

Magrat is the redhead in your avatar you? Cos if it is we need proof, for PERSEC reasons.

So can you post a picture of your ginger gink, please?
You have to be one of the most boring people ever to exist!
And who was talking to you?

Read the OP you thick as a whale omelette shitcunt.
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