Walt medic or what?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by mac247, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Folks,
    Looking for some advice, steerage, pointers etc. on how/if I can check up on the following.

    This is posted on behalf of a Canadian military colleague of mine.

    I ain't a medic but you can always PM me if you want to check my authenticity (sp?).

    It is a bit wordy but I wanted to give you as much info as poss. Please persevere ...

  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The guy lies like a cheap NAAFI watch.

    There have been a few funny medic related things over the years but if it looks like the product of the rear of a cow, and smells appropriate then it is likely to be the said bovine ordure.
  3. Dear Mac,

    I'm ex-RAMC and I've had truck with a couple of jokers like this before.

    Just tell him you've been put in touch with a British Army Liaison Officer in the UK who only needs his regimental number and he can sort everything. Then watch him sweat.

  4. I left the army, local discharge in Germany - trained as a german paramedic and after several years rejoined the army.

    THE HPC look at quals and advise what else u need or certify you. no problems.

    The army issues all soldiers with a certificate of service irrelevant how special and certificates of qualifications.

    Also you will if be qualified be offered membership of professional bodies etc....

    He is a walt!
  5. the older army qualifications weren't recognised by UK paramedics and you stil had to requalify and i'm sure if in a different country even if he had UK qualifications they wont be governed by the same bodies and ex-patriots would need to requalify in the country of settlement. i looked into this when i left the forces.

    i'm not 100% on how it works now in regards to recognised qualifications, but i do know that certain legislations state that you cannot do things you once were able to as a battlefield trauma medic. to that end the guy should be willing to do any courses and qualifications required to progress in the ambulance service to not only better himself, but to be within the parameters of the canadian ambulance services. if he had to wait 5 years then his quals would be out of date anyway due to the nature of medicine and procedures always changing.

    personally if it was me i would be beating on the door of the boss everyday to get these courses anyway. that way theres no grey areas.

  6. Nevertheless he should have his service certificates (AB ***) or red book in lay terms and certificate of qualifications!
  7. agreed. and if its anything like mine was, he's qualified for wiping arrses and a bit of advanced 1st aid. i have class 1 quals, ATLS, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques and i also so did critical incident stress debriefing (for those who can't move on after a traumatic experience) but, they only last for, i think, 2 years. maybe this info help. i hope it does help so that you can embarrass and expose the lying sh!te.

    don't need a wannabe medic killing people with negligence.

  8. Sounds like a bullsh1tter to me

    Trauma Medic = yes, BATLS trained - would get a certificate/mentioned on CRs

    Private Ambi crew dont need Certs = boll0x - otherwise that would be assault

    Special Unit working with RAF , no longer exists = sounds boll0x too. IRT is an on tour thing that anyone can assist in . I know one person RAMC capbadged who worked Air Sea Rescue (as an individual - not a unit)

    even if this special unit didnt exist - his records would show his qualifications.

    Easy way to find out! Get his red book (discharge paperwork that everyone gets) and contact the person that wrote his testimonial reference
  9. dont have to kill them pat, just have to touch them to constitute assault
  10. The RAF had people nominated for specialist teams for certain tasks, which were occasionally used, such as the aeromed of a case of Marburg fever from Africa. A few RAF medics took part in exercises and were on standby for police/SF ops in UK that might have required air movement of multiple casualties - they were called out a couple of times in the early 80s. This involved very few people who were there for their specialist skills - not the sort to lose their paperwork.

    No. Only RAF personnel can hold Q-ML-FNA, Q-ML-FN or Q-ML-FNO quals.
  11. Name him even if its by PM! Hes no longer serving, lives in Canada, if he was RAMC then someone on here will know him and what jobs he did. Theres alot of us on here who have done 22 years and others who have done their 22 and left, someone always knows you!
  12. The individual is a walt of the worst kind.

    Any honest ex-RAMC soldier will be able to produce his/her red book for inspection together with a shedload of civilian quals and hopefully be on an appropriate register whether it be HPC, NMC etc....

    As an exRAMC medic I had occasion to recently be involved in a case with HR regarding a potential employee. When questioned he was unable to recite his service number from the red book that was presented as 'his'. Civilian police called and case pending for attempting to use the protected title of ODP.

    In summary he is a want to be walt with low expectations and possibly a need to be cuddled more by his mum!

  13. I agree with FF.

    Name him, if only by PM. You can run but you can never hide :thumright:

  14. This guy is clearly walting (if that is a verb).

    That said, if you stopped me in the street and asked me my number, I can't recall anything other than the last 4 digits to sign into armynet...

    Does that make me a walt too? :)

    Don't answer that.

  15. I have the potential Walt's name and DOB (but no reggie number) and will PM any interested parties if it is not in breach of ARSSE policy, of course.