Walt Medals on Rememberance Parades

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Daddy, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. I was at the cenotaph and noticed that quite a few ex servicemen were wearing those internet walt medals on their left breast! How can the various associations allow this? I can understand a sibling or grandchild buying one for someone as a gift but to actually wear them and pretend that you are a hero makes me sick - some of them looked like MCs but had a dodgy red, whit and blue ribbon
  2. what about this dodgy version of the QGJM?

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  3. I think that it is our duty to front these people and question the pedigree of any walty looking medal, regrdless of the age of the wearer.

    Don't forget, look at the L of F the older the waltier!
  4. The old mayor of Rushmoor (Aldershot) used to turn up at the garrison church with about 4 of the internet purchased medals court mounted on his left breast! This one turns up quite frequently:

  5. What a cracking web-site, I could end up with more medals than Kenny Everetts 'Major General Bomb the B*s*ards'.

    As for Walts, must say I didn't notice any at the Cenotaph in Bristol.
  6. Funny - there is me with eagle eyes and super flexi grip hands, scar on cheak etc.... and I did have a keen eye open for the walts.

    I spotted a chap wearing a medal I didn't recognise.

    Reading this thread, I realised that the medal he was wearing was the unofficial QGJM mounted alongside the official ones he had earned..... why???
  7. I found their range of medals quite limited. How about an Aldershot Service Medal (vomit covered ribbon), a BFT medal or one for going AWOL? I am sure that ARRSErs have got even better suggestions.
  8. A bit like this guy at the Menin Gate this summer then?

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  9. I was very surprised to see a senior bloke from one of the organisations wearing the 'General Service Cross' at the Cenotaph. and wearing it on the left breast along with real medals. Amazing, but I think they do not realise it is wrong
  10. And I know someone who won the GM and never tells anyone or wears it... in fact I'm sure he's not alone.
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  11. I have a clear policy on medals. If it hasnt been issued, I wont wear it.

    I used to get asked why I wasnt wearing my QGJ medal and I would always reply that when I had recieved it I would wear it. About a year later I got it. Same for my Telic medal.

    I dont understand why anyone would buy medals other than to collect or to replace lost genuine ones etc.
  12. A form of recognition for duty has always appealed to soldiers. That's why medals were instituted in the first place. Obviously some soldiers feel their recognition has gone unnoticed or feel they deserve more so have bought their own medals. Quite sad really TBH but before the nineties medals were few and far between and clasps on the GSM were the order of the day which didn't look as ally for the mutleys.
  13. To wear a medal to which you are not entitled is totally wrong and should be considered almost as bad as adopting a false identity.

    Those who wear unofficial commemorative medals are a bit sad, but I have no real objections as long as they are worn on the RHS and are not passed off as "real" medals.

    The only grey area in my view is those who feel they should have received a medal but did not for political reasons. An example is the Suez veterans until the very belated issue of the GSM (50 years overdue!) .
  14. Well, i'm STILL waiting for my OP FRESCO medal!!!!! :x
  15. Seen a few Non Article 5'ers and that 'orrible EUfor medal thing this weekend at my Units parade. So serving soldiers are at it too.
    Not exactly Walty but deffo not allowed.
    With the cost of mounting the fecking things, who would wanna add extra to the cost of being 'outed' as well.
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