Walt Medals: Are they all bad?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Praetorian, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. I am of the opinion that while the "General Service Cross" and the like are walty as fuck, I think that one of them is actually filling a hole.....

    The National Service Medal.

    It just strikes me as a decoration that has a place, and to a lesser extent the POW medal. Obviously the others are complete tosh though.

    Just a thought

  2. I think any British Soldier Captured at Hong Kong or Singapore Earned that POW Medal just by surviving Captivity under the Japanese, just My Opinion.
  3. Thats what I mean, some of these actually have merit, obviously medals for those people who didn't qualify for the offfical decoration is fucking silly, but some fill a genuine hole.
  4. But the US POW medal is a relatively recent thing as well, and in fairness, the US are not particularly shy of minting new medals and ribbons vs the Brits.

    I only know of one unofficial US medal that has widespread approval: The Cold War Service Medal. It's a nice little item to put in your 'I Love Me' box.

    Similarly, I have a Combat Tanker's Badge. The other combat arms had been trying for years to get an equivalent to combat medic and combat infantry badges, the final nail was put into the coffin with the branch-irrelevant Combat Action Badge. Still, we had our own little ceremony, and most combat veteran tankers have one, even if we can never wear it on the uniform. I don't know if the engineer or artillery equivalents took off in quite the same way.

  5. All Walt medals are bad. they are like hard drugs.

    You buy a Cold War medal because you staggd on in Germany, next thing you get an unofficial QGJM because it is shiny, then you get your great great grandfathers Pip, Sqeak and Wilfred court mounted for the right side

    Before you know it your are in the Lof F suffering from a slipped disc because of the walt medal explosion that has appeared on your jacket.


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  6. No the BFG medal deserves to be worn with pride I nearly killed myself drinking whoring and smoking all tax free of course bar the whoring I was lucky I survived. Anyway.I only have one gong it needs a mate let me buy it with out fear of waltiness I implore you
  7. Walt Medals are not bad in themselves - how can they be they are inanimate objects after all?

    It is the motives of the vendors and wearers that we need to focus on. People who wear a medal to fill a gap left by government provision - e.g. Suez or Arctic convoys _ well then maybe there is a case. People who wear them to big up something trivial - like stagging on in BAOR or BFG...well then we need to be a wee bit more circumspect.

    We who know will never be fooled by Walt Medals. It is when some sweaty fat slop-jocky who did the Hameln breakfasts and the Osnabruck brunches tries to big it up over an innocent, polite, mildly enquiring civilian that the full force of the Waltenkommando should be felt.

    BTW has anyone seen my "49 PARA Medal", it's like a huge golden eagle on a maroon and sand ribbon, worn as a choker? available from the 49 PARA PRI for just £49.55
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Did you get the version with the rather fetching MiD(W) cluster?
  9. I have oftern wondered if operation support medals should exist.

    A point in case would be that I was doing 12 hrs 12 hrs off in the UK for 6 months , supporting operations in Bosnia in the nineties (I voluntered to go over but was needed for my expertise in the UK) yet although I was directly supporting the operations because I didnt go to theater I didnt qualify (later went out and got a gong on another op so not really bothered), but its the point i'm making.

    Another point was that after I left the Army I supported operations in the Gulf war (2) as a civilian (not civil service, they get medals) yet there is no provision for medals to be issued to civilains who directly support the Military. all I got was a nice thank you letter for my effort!

    In these circumstances I think it could be argued that a token could be given/worn!
  10. Walt medals should be destroyed. For the Arctic Convoys and the like there are associations that the veterans can join and so wear a blazer badge with pride and dignity.

    Why should support ops get a medal? Whoopie shite: you had to work hard. So do civvies! Was anyone actively trying to kill you? Was there a real risk of you driving over a landmine on the way to the office? Was there bunnies!

    Now bugger off into a dark corner you waltastic wally.

    Edited to add: if you are in theatre and supporting British troops who get a medal for the same location then fair enough, but soldiers in Cyprus and UK should get nothing.
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    No you don't get a medal for this, you get a nice fat pay cheque instead,
    or at least you should if you negotiated properley.

    You know that you did the job, can't you be satisfied with that??
  13. I don't like unofficial medals, particularly when people try and pass them off as the real thing. Wore in the right place (below your official medals) they can be something to be proud of. Though only if they’re for something like “Dunkirk 1940” not “BAOR 1968”!

    Both my grandfathers were given a medal by the town of Dunkirk for having served in the BEF and taking part in the evacuation. As I remember neither of them ever wore them, but they were very pleased to have been remembered by the French who they were trying to defend.

    Dunkirk Veterans’ Association

    That final quote never fails to move me.

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  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I suppose like the foreign gongs awarded/earned though not sanctioned (springs to mind a USAF Officer in the Guinness BOR) why not?
    If now as a civvy you wish to show you were there or involved someway its only civvies you are fooling! Who's going to rift an 80 yr old Arnhem Vet with an order of Orange medal?
    get on with it, the real walts ex SAS vietnam vet purple het and VC with bar we are watching out for you!
    As for blazer badges, well as my blazer is rifle green that rules out all the other badges I could have worn and you really only get one breast pocket per jacket!
    There was someone in a para beret and badged blazer at the last LI re union. Not only there but on the parade. Rift him for noyt shelling out for another blazer or congratulate him for passing P Coy as a national service Durham and still feeling he belonged enough to attend?