Walt medal spotting.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Remembrance Sunday this Sunday. Walts and their dodgy medals will be on out, take your cameras.
  2. I'm sure you'll enjoy getting filled in when you stick your camera unasked in the faces of genuine blokes all of whom will have a hangover.
  3. Fuck off and show some respect you tedious cunt. It's about remembering the dead - not gaining brownie points on ARRSE. Cock.
  4. well said that man,
  5. As i know the 2 other guys that will parade with me, one was at Dunkirk, Monte Casino plus others and the other was in Aden and I have paraded with these guys for the last 10 years I don't think I need to worry.
  6. never seen one yet.
  7. A walt is nearly always recognised by the shyte they come out with in the pub . Not by what they're wearing in a parade

    And has been correctly stated Remembrance Sunday has nothing to do with brownie points
  8. roger both
  9. I expect to hear some tall tales and perhaps see the odd blingy medal... But I will get totally lashed, I will make an arrse of myself and I will remember Stu. RIP mate.

    Trunnion-Tilt you are a bellend. Stick that camera of yours up your hoop.
  10. Trunnion Tilt..........

    Why the fcuk go "Walt Spotting" if there is one about it will stick out like a sore thumb and just needs to be avoided and shunned, nothing more needs be done, look at the way properly organised parades treat the LoF for instance, disdain and the tactic of "Ignoring" usually gets the message across...

    Anything over and above that will be sorted eventually by the people who know what they are doing e.g. regimental and old boys associations who do a good enough job finding these jokers out.

    Take your camera and go and take some pictures of people parading if anything, if not just leave people to remember the fallen....cnut..
  11. then press the shutter and upload the photo to here.

    they say a picture paints a thousand words.... so it'd suit you perfectly.
  12. I shall be partaking in this social experiment.

    I'll be in Edinburgh if anyone (c.u.n.t) wants a skeg at my gongage. Having sampled all the social aspects of Edinburgh for the previous three nights I will also welcome with open arms any deeply probing questions ref my military vintage :)

    I'm the 17 stone 6'4 neandarthal wearing an RM tie