Walt - Jailed!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. What a doddering old W@nker.. :twisted:
  2. CTF - pity it wasn't longer though!
  3. Serves him right, the b@stard. Stealing from your friends is a heinous crime, especially from men such as these. And stealing hard won medals... outrageous!

    What a dispicable person...
  4. technically he isn't a walt, at least Walts don't betray trust and steal money from long time friends, unlike this scrote, quite frankly to call him a walt is an insult to the real walts, he is just a thieving b.astard and deserved to be banged up with 2 homos for a spit roasting.
  5. beating about the bush as usual Semper - come on say what you mean ;-)
  6. It's been in the local rags down this way quite a bit. The old boys who were ripped off by this git are getting the trip they originally paid for for free, courtesy of the generosity of a local travel firm or 2.

    Stay safe all

  7. hope he gets filled in in jail, robbin cnut
  8. Pitty they didnt let him spend a few weeks in colly......cnut
  9. Despite his age, if he asked for "8 other offences to be taken into consideration", he should rot in jail for a lot longer than a few weeks!!
  10. Walt? He is simply a thieving, devious git.

    The fact he happens to be 73 year old thieving, devious git who would not even write to his victims & apologise as instructed by the judge points to the true nature of his character.

    Clearly has no decency and therefore will most likely not even have the good grace to die promptly and thus spare the taxpayer the cost of looking after him inside. But no doubt he will develop some age related medical condition within days requiring additional care in a prison hospital and thus even earlier release.