Walt is back only this time he owns the pub

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. Walt's again? ........ WAH.
    I'm much more interested in how this guy was able to make his fake medals by machine at work! ........ I would like to see the quality of his workmanship, as to make a half decent convincing fake, one would have to be something of a expert!
    The fact that he managed to pull this off for over a quarter of a century would suggest that his gongs were pretty good efforts, (well to the lay person anyway.)
  2. It says in the report that he served 10 years in the Gordon Highlanders. Why couldn't he just be proud of that??? :? Some proper wierdo's about :roll:

    Edited to add - Why are you calling wah ALVIN?
  3. There is no offence under the new Act therefore no action ...
  4. To the lay person, he could have pulled it off with a bunch of bottle caps.
  5. herffies,or Becks
  6. "...Mr Elcock, 53, and 55-year-old Mr Harvey wore disguises to hide their identity and tricked the landlord into recounting his lies.

    Then, when he was out of the room, the pair unveiled their uniforms and revealed that Mr Dailly's name had never appeared on the list of medal winners...."

    Is it just me or are the Walt finder Generals just a little bit sad themselves.
  7. Because he has no idea what a Wah is.
  8. Not at all......I always walk around with my old beret and gongs in my pocket for such an occasion :roll:
  9. You didn't get the demob beard and uniform veil then? I thought everybody got them :)
  10. I've got the beard......they must have ran out of the veils when I was legging it out of the gate
  11. Now they are obviously not Walts as they have been there and done it. But isn't about time that they went to a shop and bought some civvies. They must have left the army 20 odd years ago. Surely it's time to get on with your life.

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  12. So you'd prefer them to go up the Fan in suits?
  13. I particularly liked the comment:

    I didn't think DM readers did satire, or was that one of you lot?
  14. Wore disguises? Or just didn't turn up like the picture in the article which looks like Colchester's PRI threw up on them more like it.