Walt Hunting

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Glorious Groundie, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    This is my first proper post/thread and sorry if its in the wrong area.

    I've been approached by a friend who has recieved a dodgy CV which after a small bit of digging smells worse then a frenchman!

    Any tips on Walt hunting with out breaking any rules/laws would be helpful and if anyone has any info/contacts with the International Civil Aviation Organisation would be apreciated.

    Also the suspect walt is only a Space Cadet but is over 18 and we all know once started walting never stops!
  2. Your mate's received a CV from someone claiming to be a 'space cadet'?

    What part of the Federation is he recruiting for?

    I feel the disturbance in the force
  4. sorry should have mad it clearer,

    the potential walt is an air cadet (although with how wild the cv is it seems like he's from space!)

    and its for a training job
  5. ...so he's claiming to be an air cadet? I wouldn't bother if I were you - Walt Hunting is for professionals and they are a nasty breed - best left well alone. If you persist -stand by for incoming.
  6. Bigeye is right I saw the Singapore thing man those guys are crazy

    I never want to go back to that, you cant know unless you saw it.

    The Horrror
  7. he is an aircadet, which appears to be the only true thing, but also third officer of an unpowered hostile and hazzardous research wing of the International Civil Aviation Organisation as well as from the age of 19 being a Senior NHS EMT emergency response team as well as a lot of other things.

    Thanks for the advice, i am starting to move away from said situ
  8. Keep the muppets OpSec / Persec details offline but copy and paste the details online for us Walten Kommando to peruse and discuss.
  9. killaloe_holiday at the moment still in early stages and as said walt is very junior, and with the Walten Kommando permission i would like to have a crack myself at this one with Walten Kommando support/advice and help (of course) and keep you updated.
    Particulary any help in regards to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (other then a quick google search) would be appreciated
  10. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    So just don't employ him then if you think he's lying on his CV.

    What's with all the walt hunting wankness?

    Are you or "your mate" ex forces yourselves?
  11. Oh well here we go.

    I will just get myself comfy while this one kicks off
  12. i'm serving, my mate is an ex rock ape

    Jebote, i'm new so if you advise me to pop smoke and leave well alone i will do
  13. I just would not employ him if it sounds like bollocks then it probably is.

    These lads really end up going after them in the end it starts all "ah just leave him hes just a daft cunt" before you know it they have his address and phone number.

    I was only half joking about the Singapore thing, they dismantled a blokes life and we watched it real time on the forum in all fairness the bloke concerned Mark Powell was a fucking tool and got what was coming but it was still a little disturbing to watch


    He has an arrsepedia page as well
  14. ok cheers, all recieved and passed on
  15. icaoeurnat@paris.icao.int

    thats the europen email contact for ICAO, as a UN org I'm sure they have some for of security branch that might be happy to hear from your mate, but as said if its just a kid might just be worth telling him to go home and have a wank