Walt Hunting Walts

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Danny_Dravot, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. I recently met a bloke called *** ******, he claims to be a walt hunter, although he can't prove it. Probably based on the below:

    He spends an inordinate amount of time online 'outing' other people, but is a no mark, no dad, sock puppet, sh*t c*nt. I feel like first parading the O*****e b*s, but its currently on issue to th*m. Does anybody know what other units have been issued with O*****e b**es so that I can check his story out?

    To confirm his story he Pm'd a pic of himself carrying an S*R in B**R, i was surprised that he only had the N*M given the amount of active edge service he'd done also i did spray coffee over my k******d when i saw them - i had my p**c**n at the ready. Its getting dusty in here.
  2. Send key setting.
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  3. .facebook_1423817723-20121028-152412.jpg
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  4. Three Romeo. If we're talking 1993.

    However, a fine example in the interest in Walt outing, which surely is becoming tiresome... then again, we're rapidly approaching 11 Nov.
  5. fuck the walt
    get on with your short life
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    No need to duck mate, it went well over your head.
  7. perhaps..
    im as lost in your little world
    as you would be in mine
    but thanks for the advice

  8. Is there a reason you are against walt hunting activities?
  9. think its a waste of time
    and probably depressing
    although some of the storys
    here are quite funny to read through
    just having a moan
    planes delayed and the coffee machines
    broke and its been nearly an hour since ive had a smoke
  10. I think Danny's post was in response to some throbber posting someone's name and an accusation of walting with fuck all to back it up last night. The OP got shot down pretty sharpish and Danny started this thread taking the piss.
  11. That's nice sweetheart.
  12. Ok, I see!

    Carry on the piss taking Danny!
  13. Thanks - but i want a copy of your red book, your service number and the name of your first OC before i'll formally corresspond with you. Its my new protection measure to guard against walt-hunting walts
  14. If you're an ex or serving member of the Parachute Regiment, I'll gladly do that.

    If not..............

    Fuck off!

    It's my protection against Hats!
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  15. Not you again uncle vulgaria!

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