Walt Hunters! Get your teeth round this >

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 26backdoor, May 4, 2011.

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  1. There's some quality stuff in there!
  2. So he was in 23 TA SAS ?.......... twice
  3. And he did his SAS Signallers Course at the AAC Harrogate?! Bit odd that.
  4. Must be gen, served with Billy, Paddy and Roger the Dodger, probably part of Soldier without Borders as well?
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  5. I dont know much about the para jump course but he didnt do his jumps at brize.
    see the continuation training section. He was on a course with marines and paras a RAF Abingdon. Is this where jumps courses were done. He states 1974
  6. The jump courses were at Abingdon at that time
  7. Why would anyone walt as a stab?
  8. Seems a fluid story to me, unless some major points are in question it just looks like a bloke blowing into a fucking huge trumpet all for himself.

    Cry havoc though, and let slip the usual pricks who'll turn this into a fucking jamboree of accusations and harsh fonts....
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  9. 4 tonners in 1972?
  10. he might not be a walt at all, just a cock sure cunt, cheers gungythree.
  11. RL's or MK's, both were around.
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  12. My point exactly, can't see what the original poster is trying to out here?
  13. The Farce is strong in this one ol bent one!!
  14. The OP seems, with respect, to be a font of all info on all things maroon, beige, cdo ect, lots of name dropping and cryptic references. Bit like Sfub....