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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Major_Sharpe, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm an ACF AI in Oxfordshire (awaits incoming). While at annual camp this year, all the Officers in a different company decided that a white shirt was part of the RGJs dress. They started wearing this white shirt all the time, including with 95 trousers.

    Is it just me that thinks the white shirt isn't part of RGJ dress, and even if it is it shouldn't be worn with 95.

    Thanks for any help.

    Pic attached shows Officers at both ends in the shirt.

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  2. Hello Sharpy (bet that name took a lot of thought? ), sorry to shoot you down but 'the white shirt' and many variations of it such as the old pale yellow 'Nato shirt' , has long been a feature of many a greenjacket officer and WOII, there was even a time back in the 80's when the whole of 2RGJ voted to wear it, in fact ,it was often a miracle to get two Rfn dressed the same let along an officer - i guess once you stop kiddie fiddling and try your ACF b****Ks on some real soldiers you'll might learn something?.. whaddya reckon? cos ,you know what? real greenjackets never did get too excited about what dress regs stated, too busy concentrating on field soldiering you see..anyway, you rush off back to your drill and dress regs manual like a good little knob end. ..and yes, it is just you who gets excited about what shirt to wear with CS95 .... btw, that was 'mild incoming', a mere flesh wound.
  3. I was merely trying to work out whether it was right or not as it looks absolute w4nk with 95s you cnut
  4. Come on mate, theres slagging walts off, and then theres being a cunt.

    No doubt that if these people were not supposed to be wearing those shirts you would be the first to pick up on it. It does smack of minor walting and does look wank with 95's. Whats wrong with a 95 Shirt :S

  5. ooh sharpy, got your gimp panties in twist have you? hit a nerve with the flack have i? ..you're the CNUT for getting all hot and bothered over a shirt and Mr P, what I'm saying is that RGJ ,as i knew it ,never made too big a drama over shirts for officers and Snco's, i'm not saying it looks ok or even 'right' and i never expect any officer to be in the right kit, at the right time, nor even in the right place..just didn't think that it was worth getting a hard on over it,that's all.

    So, to clear it up, the white shirts aint necessarily 'wrong' - there's a lot of room for variations of dress in most mobs and you will see white shirts on RGJ senior ranks once you've done a bit of time i.e it aint unheard of..do you understand now sharpy? and you may think it looks w4nk with 95 and it may well do but so what? half the dress regs make us look like twats anyway.....

    hmm?...used to a bit of ribbing are you Sharpy? or don't the kiddies 'dare' to take the piss out of you Mr ACF AI? feck me, you could have least been a stab - get of your high horse FFS..at least Mr P said 'if' they weren't meant to be wearing them...i.e he wasn't sure...the truth is no one in the RGJ usually Gs A F about it except you.....cos you give it the large with the 'awaits incoming' then when you actually did get some, you reached for your handbag like a girl....oh, maybe you are a female ACF AI and are jealous cos the boys in white shirts stole your thunder after you'd been up all night starching your kit?

    bored now..so see ya, but I'll be on the lookout for a ACF AI who like a lot of walts actually is more 'military' than the actual genuine soldiers that they wished they were...
  6. if you look at the 'new barrack dress' thread you'll see an example of the cream/off white/Nato type shirt - just imagine it being white instead of cream....easy aint it
  7. I like you, would you like to come and screw my sister?
  8. Innocent question deserves a civil response;there not airsoft [and didnt you just love dying your putees black?][and how olds your mother ?]
  9. Great put down! :D :D (C'mon Jimmy, calm down, exploding at people isn't the Green Jacket Way)

    The shirts are not usually worn with CS 95 but as Jimmy said, no two RGJ officers dress the same (if they do, one of them is sent home to change) so it would be the fact that a lot of these guys in your picture were dressed the same that is the oddity here.

    The shirts are made by a few tailors, Stephan Haroutounian and Cavanagh being two.

    Edited for mongoloid typing
  10. Jimmy Jazz out to make a name for yourself ? Calm down you will live longer.
  11. I only thought cav officers went in for weird dress regs
    combats with non combat clothing does look bonk though
  12. better be thought to be a tool than open yer yap and remove all doubt... keep it dark and stay hidden Jimmy
  13. Dear all, thanks for the amusing and well thought out responses, and,yes, some of them may even be warranted..but not all of them - i just got a little bit stressed with sharpy getting a bit too bothered about dress regs...people who do that often then look for something even more pedantic to worry about, he's in the ACF FFS! half of them aint got the kit issued or dosh to buy what they ought to have, why worry about a shirt? that's my point..oh and pomps, know about RGJ dress regs (or lack of them)do ya? ..i gave him a bit of gentle flak and all youse others stick up for him?..ha ha, well funny. inviting me to screw hi sister and all sorts..then someone says that's a great put down?..jeez! what? you work in the pay office or something?....that was an old and boring put down ,
    i've heard better from the kids on their way to school mate...anyways, I was amused for awhile about this but now I'm not, can't believe that i got roped into discussing shirts with an ACF Biff...still, at least he may have learned something eh?
  14. Possibly...at least this time he only got a verbal shovel instead of the real thing :wink:

    Head up Jimmy, we can't all be chosen men.
  15. Have you considered an anger management course J_J?
    He was only asking a question.

    Do have a flick through Field Marshal The Lord Bramall's booklet. You might notice that jumping down other people's throats is a very umm, 'heavy' trait and not really very 'Green Jacket'.

    I'll give your regards on to the chaps in the pay office next time I'm passing; they'll probably recognise you by your unique conversational style.