Walt help and advice please.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by inbredyokel666, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. I'm round at the mate's last night for the Halo ODST and pizza night (we're geeks).
    One of the other mates is there, he is an 'orrible Matelot.
    Despite being an 'orrible Matelot, he's a good egg and very honest.
    Matelot says he's met an uber walt, who is dating a friend of his, a lovely girl, who has been taken in by his bullshit.
    Her mates have lined up and said get shot of this arse, but she refuses to take any criticism of this muppet,
    This girl has a job that requires silly amounts of IQ, she is a very smart lady, whose only let down is a blind spot for this mong.
    She's gotten engaged in short order, and now this leach has moved into her gaff now and is living off of her.(we're talking less than four months here).
    Now I've met this lass once, she is a nice lady, and despite being as thick as mince doesn't deserve this chaos this man is going to heap on her.
    The mate has went to the Regulators, RM/RN Disclosure cell (?), APC Glasgow and hasn't gotten anywhere.
    He has stopped trying to deal with this as this will end the friendship with the girl.

    The guy claims to have (in no particular order):
    been an army commando.
    transferred to the Booties from the army as an NCO.
    joined SBS.
    left SBS 6 months ago (just before he met her), where he was promoted to Commander on leaving , and has kept on a retainer by HMG as he's so special.
    no car as it was seized by police, apparently implicated in a bank job.
    no bank card to get any money, because of something about fraud his account.
    For reasons I'm not going into, it's sounding like this mong is going to get her into a lot of trouble.

    Got any sensible advice please?
  2. Sorry but if she's thick enough to fall for that crock of shite, she'll soon enough fall for another shitehawk even if you manage to expose the current one. Some people are just beyond help.
  3. so does she have a job requiring silly amounts of IQ, or is she as thick as mince?? Either way NOTHING you can say or do will make a blind bit of difference.....stand back and wait for him to **** up, then you can laugh at him and point!!
  4. Oh you know what I mean...she has a job that is beyond the grasp of us mere mortals, but she is very naive.
    And if it helps she does an awful lot of work for help for heroes, she has raises money for it on a regualr basis.
  5. This is like deja vu. Some reasonably bright people can be terribly naive and trusting. I spent 4 years doing a PhD at Oxford in Physics and I fell for the man Colclough above. This sort of walt is terribly dangerous, believe me, she'll thank you in the long run if you can expose him as a liar.

    On the other hand, when he moved on to idontget it, another odd dolly on here, I explained very clearly in a few emails every thing that he had done in the TA and elsewhere after she asked me to, and yet with a man like that actually sitting next to her she was never going to believe a word I or anyone else said. She couldn't argue with the judge when he was sent down though... So I suggest if your mate is going to say something, he has something concrete or irrefutable, and offers to be there to support her when it all goes tits up. Because if he's anything like Craig, she'll need it.
  6. Sorry if I'm reading too much in to this but would I be correct in saying this young woman is hotter than viagra vindaloooand this " Matelot " might be closer to home as in he's the bloke who started this thread ?

    If I've got some shocking experiences to share and that is - Occasionally in my life I have developed deep feelings for women who only seem to be attracted to muppets , waters , losers and freaks . It can be a painful situation but like a straight woman who develops feelings for a gay male thinking she can change him she can't . It's not scientifically possible . Let her ruin her life with this walt because life is a learning curve
  7. No mate, I'm not interested in this girl, my girl would pitch a fit.
    And if you saw someone ingnorantly playing with a loaded weapon, would you wait till it had gone off, so you could smugly teach them a lesson?
    If this drivel is the limit of your insight, keep it to yourself.

    I'm ex 29 Cdo NOT a fcuking matelot.
  8. Apologies in that case
  9. No worries mate.
  10. If she's in love with him, she won't want to believe anything bad about him. She'll come up with mind-bogglingly ingenious explanations for why she has to finance him "just till he gets himself sorted out", why he won't marry her quite yet ("he has a few issues to work through") etc.

    If any of her mates have the time/inclination, the thing that just might convince her would be hard, documentary evidence that he's lying. There must be people on here who are/were in the units he claims to have served in, at around the time he claims to have served in them, for one thing.

    And when an officer leaves the armed forces, there's an entry in the London Gazette, which is available online. All anyone has to do is search the London Gazette for the name (perhaps narrowing the search to the armed forces section) and see what pops up.
  11. Oh nice one about the Gazette, I had no idea.
  12. Print this off and make sure he or she finds it on the coffee table.
  13. Surely you can bubble the **** then being ex 29? Talk about the course, throw in some event particulars, slap his back and give it the big one, he'll **** up at some point.

    Spanny has also fessed up to developing deep and meaningful feelings for women which means he is a ******* sickening beefer of the highest order and who's remaining credibility should be stuffed in a Tesco carrier bag and drowned with house bricks like feral kittens..