Walt Healer?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Claims to be ex-Guards (Coldstream).
    programme was on BBC2(W) 23:50 (20 Feb '07), entitled "Trust me, I'm a healer".
    Tony Chadwick claims to be an ex-guardsman "healer" and states "I deploy miracles". London area accent , pushes ex-army connection.
  2. does he sort out piles? wet trenches, forced, hurried shites etc, not to mention kebabs....... if so do you know if he gives forces discount?
  3. Can he, by some miracle, remember his Army Number :thumright:
  4. He never mentioned it .. methinks his claim to be an ex-serviceman may have been to impress the (desperate/gullible) women he was treating by putting a crown of thorns on their heads (REALLY!) in order to make them more fertile. :scratch:
    clips here
  5. Its a helluva chat-up line :thumright: " And when we've done the Crown of Thorns I'm just going to remove your clothes, dress you up in French Webbing and..... (add to suit individual tastes)"

    How the fcuk do the gullible - oh never mind.
  6. This guy should apply for a job with the NHS.

    My local hospital has a 'complimentary therapist' for cancer patients. She's a qualified nurse. The cancer clinic is so short of nurses that they frequently have to cancel chemotherapy sessions.

    Despite this, the comlimentary therapy nurse spends her entire day placing 'mystic' crystals on patients and laying on 'healing hands' while playing native american indian chants on the CD player.

    It's powerful voodoo - and value for money too. Witch doctors are so much cheaper to employ than real ones.
  7. Not very orginal.

    Personally I think he's a fraud and should be crucified.