Walt gun nuts!!

spike7451 said:
I was just watching the news on a Al Quieda video & there in the background was a SKS. What is it with this gun.Is it a Bin Lid walt accessory?
Amyway,I came across this site--


One for the Walt's judging by the posters questions.....
I thought that Kalashnikovs, often with a grenade launcher, were de rigeur in that organization.

As for the SKS, it is faithful to the Soviet philosophy of smallarms: simple, rugged, reliable, and accurate enough for combat within about 200 yards. I have read that it was quite popular with the Red Army troops when it was introduced toward the end of WWII.



Bejesus, those guys are seriously sad....

There's a thread on there about removing the flash suppressor on a Yugo SKS...
And from 'Bill':

> I have a 1954 russian SKS, but i dont know if it is from the tula or izhevsk armory, anyone know of any markings or serial numbers to look for to help me ID my rifle's orgin. I know rifles were produced in both of these armories in 1954.
> any help is greatly appreciated john

the 1954 izhevsk sks has a circle around the
triangle,izhevsk made them from 1953 & 1954.

How the fcuk did he know that?
bunch of cr@p amateurs..

everyone knows the REAL gun collectors are into the Finnish variants of the Russian Mosin Nagant rifle...while the Russkies produced about 12 million of these babies, the Finns produced less than 70,000 thus making them a much ' rarer' item and worthy of salivating over when they pop up on E-bay...
I brought an sks when i lived in florida cos it was cheap .The bloke selling them had brought a load and polished them and done something gun nuttish to the trigger but couldnt sell them for anymore as there were loads of chinese copies around .Ok for plinking on the range .Should buy a load for cadets they couldnt break them .
I use a 9A-91 silent assault rifle for the pidgeons in my garden, but the other day I let off the grenade launcher by mishtake and they all flew away, and I cried.

Here is my pride and joy. I was looking at it the otherday and felt all happy and all this white stuff came out of my willy. Its a 9A-91 silent assault rifle (shown with and without silencer, and with GP-95 grenade launcher) http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/RGUN9A91.JPG

I am also thinking about taking up the utterly fascinating "sport" of 50 calibre rifle shooting. I dont know why, but I feel that it provides a valuable contribution to society, even though these days I have absoloutley nothing to do with the army. Surely we all need to be able to kill someone at a range of a mile? Don't we?


....yawn cont p94 these people need help
woody said:
Running down the range to mark and patch up must be fun :lol:
indeed :lol:

and then there is always the fascinating conversation in the pub afterwards:

"did you see the way I lay down behind my rifle and looked through the site and pulled the trigger and this really big bullet came out and it travelled at a squillion feet per second and then it went through the target, and then I did it again untill all the bullets had gone and then I stood up"

here is another walt gun nut. Apparently his mate's Dad escaped from Cuba because he was a conscript in Castro's army and they were going to give him gills so that he and others could swim to America and invade it. Just like they do to the RM at Porton Down probably.

So instead he got a boat over. Surely it was worth hanging around for a free pair of gills and then saving the money on the boat fare?

There really are some strange people aout there 8O

have a read, or if you preferr, heres the link, http://www.lewrockwell.com/sapienza/sapienza28.html

I Love Guns, and Gun Nuts
by Jeremy Sapienza

I have always been a big fan of guns. They have fascinated me ever since I got my first water gun. My brother and I would shoot each other in our cops and robbers games (or just a big "bloody" shoot-em-up for no reason other than to disturb my mom). Around the age of ten, my dad got us BB guns, and we used to shoot cans and bottles...and birds...and lizards.

But until recently, I had never actually shot a real gun. Last week, I shot four of them at a shooting range. All my friends from work are gun nuts, so they decided to show me how to shoot. Danny got together five of his favorite guns, bought hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and drove us all out in his, as we call it, "kidnapper van." This thing seats, like, twelve people. And it’s still very comfortable.

Anyway, we headed out west to a warehouse in between the Mall of the Americas and Miami International Mall, and across the street from the new Dolphin Mall (geared toward Latin American shoppers, signs in Spanish, then English...grrrr). Northwest 107th Avenue, can you imagine? Who lives out here voluntarily? For some perspective, I live off NE 1st Av. Far. Apparently all the ranges have to be a certain distance from civilization.

We entered the range, and they took all our IDs, and sold us ear plugs. I was cramming the plugs into my ears as we entered the lanes, and some chick had a really big AK-47 and she was blasting away at a poster of a fat slob rapist holding a woman out in front of him as a shield. She blew his head to tatters. I love the image of chicks with guns.

When she left, we took over her lane, and Robert, who was a Marine, showed me how to load the .45 that we picked out of Danny’s Grab Bag O’ Guns. He fired it a couple of times, then handed it to me. I aimed at the dead-center of the black target, and fired. A split second later, a big white splotch appeared on the target, not quite where I had aimed, but damned close. "Good shot!" Robert exclaimed.

I took a few more shots with that gun, then switched to the Luger. That had some real punch when fired. It kind of hurt my fingers, so I put that one down. Danny was firing his Beretta when I walked over. He looked at me, and said, "Wanna try?"

"Yup," I said.

As he showed me the features of the gun, he told me its history. "This is a spy gun. British Intelligence used it, and they added this little gem," he pressed a tiny switch and the barrel seemed to break in half downward "so that the agents could reload without having to make tons of noise." He popped a bullet intot he narrow opening, popped it back in place, and fired. The bullet made a neat little hole in the target.

Danny knows a lot about guns, and the importance of them in a free society. His dad, a Cuban refugee, raised him around guns AND philosophy, making him a well-rounded gun nut. They love America like nobody’s business in that house, mainly because Danny’s dad, Luis, was conscripted into the Cuban Army by Castro, and forced to do a lot of things that he now regrets. The final straw was when Luis was told about the program that Castro was devising to make an army of frogmen to swim to America and invade. He was chosen to be experimented on to help create a prototype. He saw that the plans included installing gills, among other things, into his body, and he needed no more coaxing.

He was on a boat to Miami just days later.

Danny also has a weird fascination with Israeli weaponry. Many of his weapons are Israeli Army surplus, mainly because they’re cheap. Such a deal they are!

We finished the night with big, greasy Wendy’s burgers, and headed back home to civilization. I enjoyed the smell of gunpowder on my hands, and was slightly disappointed that I had to wash the soot off my fingers to take my contacts out before bed.

As I lay in bed, I thought about what fun I had. Then I chuckled out loud. What would the Wendy’s employees have done if they knew what was in Danny’s heavy leather bag!?

March 8, 2001

Jeremy [send him mail] is a real estate agent in Miami Beach. He edits anti-state.com, an anarcho-capitalist magazine and provides free email addresses for anarchists at anarchomail.com.

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