Walt gets off scot-free

His sentence should have been 6 months unpaid doing pan bash in Basra.

If he wants to walt it, let him have a taste.
Buckley said: "I was stupid."
not that stupid as he appears from that article to have got away without paying it all back, surely that can't be the case can it?
Isn't a suspended sentence one where you don't go into prison unless you reoffend; then you get the original sentence plus whatever for the second offence?
If he is convicted again within 18 months of the day he got the suspended sentence he will end up doing the 364 days.

But, in reality, he will get 50% of the 364 days knocked off anyway. No one does the full sentence anymore.
I agree with tartanterrier39, get the guy to do his community service in Basra doing pan pash or empty the thunder boxes
Damn... that sucks that he's being treated with kid gloves. Even if he's forced to remit the stolen amount, I wonder if he'll be allowed to keep the accrued interest?
Hopefully the Judge has hit him with an Asset Recovery Order to get back all of the money. That way even his personal property can be seized to pay any outstanding money from the crime.

If he hasn't got any money, they can pop him with a benefit order. This means that if he gets any money during his lifetime, they can seize this as well.
We had a chap on this side of the water last week claiming falsely to be a veteran: Got sentenced to tending graves at a veteran's cemetary for a few months.

Takes the p*ss, you get battered more by courts for traffic offence. They should be made to do something for the military, what I don't know. 6 months pan bash in Basra sounds a good idea. Or maybe use him as a marker for OP's. Bring Abbotts back into service from being mothballed and have 6 rounds fire for effect on useless cnut. At least then he won't be walting again.
Hold on, he had well over 300 large in his sky, he was in Thailand/a sex trade capital - and he came back!

I'd of made 'em come and get me, I'd of been too tired to come back myself.
No apolgies for being repetitive but:

Bliar said:

Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime

Allowing any single person to manipulate £300,000 of N.H.S. is in itself a crime and I would hold the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time responsible.

Where were the checks against fruad and theft? Not prudent in my opinion and symptomatic of this hopeless government's propensity for throwing money willy-nilly at the N.H.S and appointing a sneering smug cow to run it!
Taz_786 said:
Buckley, of Ellesmere Port, admitted fraud and was handed 364 days in jail, suspended for 18 months.
Anyone know as to what exactly constitues a "suspended" sentence?
I waa under the impression all mancs new the answer to that. Not like us law abiding scousers
Nhs would probably only spent it on something useless like i.t.consultants .Did he come back after he had spent all the cash if not
definatly pan bash in basra .
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