Walt gets 3 years

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by kennys-go-nad, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. Not sure if its been posted yet

    BBC NEWS | England | Historian 'posed as a war hero'

    Arrsepedia will need a tweak. I'm told his face was a picture when sentenced! Mainly due to the judge commenting that he saw him in the street, during a lunch break walking quite normally without any stick or aid as apposed to his acting the crippled, shaking old man in court.

    Jail for man who faked his army career | British Forces News

    'Plastic para' fantasist who spent years claiming he was a hero soldier despite serving as a cook is jailed for fraud | Mail Online
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  2. The fact that his wife testified against him as well just says it all!!
  3. In fact, this case can be used as a reference in court if anyone wants to take on James Shortt. As the case has been established, courts are obliged to follow along with the seriousness....bring him on! :D
  4. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    I agree entirely, jail the idiot and people like him, but one thing leaves a 'taste in my mouth' Many members of parliament who raked greater frauds are still walking free! A bit like the third world, it really is!
  5. Shame his jail time is for perverting the course of justice, not walting.
  6. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    Yes but it is good that they give good media mention to his 'Walting,' I am sure it gave the judge the 'measure of the man' and certainly didn't decrease his time to spend in nick. I can imagine the ragging that he will get inside, given that many prison warders are ex-service.

    I could never understand how someone could feel so inadequate as to want to do it in the first place, I know a few ex-soldiers that actually 'talk down' what they have done. That says it all really!
  7. Good point, well put!

    As to walting, you're may not be familiar with my own 'friend', Verdi_811, on here, who was JLRRAC, 9/12L, HCav pathfinder, SRR, SASC and, this is my fav bit, a farrier in HMCR! Now that's walting!
  8. Ive read some of his books, their just pictures of ww2 tanks with a list of specs. I'd immagine he could not do too much research due to his frail shell shocked state... oh wait!
  9. 3 years, wow. Lol. That's gotta hurt, plus all the publicity. Why do people bother?
  10. Meanwhile Burglars, Corrupt Politicians, sex offenders and gun criminals walk free from our courts every day.

    Sorry - He's a pleb but if prison spaces really are at a premium we should be keeping the few available spaces free for those listed above.
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  11. Yeah, but he'll claim he got 60 years.
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  12. In a Vietnamese POW camp.
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  13. With John McCaan
  14. Or John McClain