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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. I have put this in the NAAFI on purpose, so certain individuals can rent their spleen in the time honoured way.

    No Professional Soldier would put up with a bullshitter.

    No Professional Soldier wants to see a Walt making money on the back of our calling.

    What some of they do is nothing short of disgraceful.

    It is not always about Medals at a Remembrance Parade, or lying about what one actually does when chatting up a bird in a bar.

    If nobody bothered outing the outrageous Walts, our noble profession is in danger of becoming a laughing stock.

    Military Walting is wrong, in some countries it is an offence that could end in a prison sentence.

    My question therefore is:

    Why would ex or serving members shout down the efforts of those who attempt to right a wrong?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    1: Most of the walt-hunting skiplickers are "outraged by proxy" turds who haven't served a day in their lives. They can fuck off, by proxy or not.

    2: The very same individuals always want to take it to far. Give them a photo of a STAB wearing an QGJM he missed qualification for by 5 minutes, and they'll demand his skinned skull on a pike on Tower Bridge.

    3: Cock off.
  3. Is life that unrewarding for you mate ? Highlighting a wanker is one thing, pursuing answers to questions that are already known is another.

    (edited to add, "noble profession?" 50% of people who sign up coast along and achieve the square root of fuck all when they serve. The sooner people realise it is merely a job and not a heavenly calling the better)
  4. Because the walthunters are just as scarily obsessive and unhinged - sometimes more so - than the walts they're exposing. Judging on past experience, the hunters are either civilians who've never served, civilians who are walts themselves, or ex-soldiers who led an unremarkable career, somehow trying to atone for their own lack of action by focusing on some sad-sack bluffer who tells a few tales.

    Get over yourself Magnum, you're coming across like a right fucking loon.
  5. Certain types of walts are just sad! they need outted and the local community aware of their lies. Thats enough

    Now there is a different kind of walt that needs persuied. This is the person that raises awareness for false forces charities and benifits from the donations! these people promise to help like that PTSD charity but infact they are causing more harm than they are help! these are the people who take donations simply to line their own pockets!
  6. Christ almighty, go and have a good wank calm down, then find something else to do with your (obviously copious ammount) of free time. Have you thought of charity work?:)
  7. Let go you sad old fucker :)
  8. Loony, thats me.

    Nice to see some "certain individuals" have replied to this thread.

    I know you agree with me really though.

    I think you do anyway.
  9. Because there is a massive difference between someone pointing out a mong with medals totalling 175 years of service at a Remembrance parade, someone lying about their service to get a job or a mate of a mate overhearing someone that said something about the once being in the army down a pub whilst pist.

    Some of the Walt hunting on here started out well intentioned and brought up some humorous consequences - but lets face it the majority has been a load of fuckin shite!
  10. I quite agree with you, however there have been numerous (and very humorous) successes.

    But you haven't answered the question. Why are those involved in successful outings castigated?
  11. The original question was;

    Why would ex or serving members shout down the efforts of those who attempt to right a wrong?

    There is a big difference between successfully outing a kunt and someone trying to have a go at an Airsofter they don't get on with. (Plus it's much more fun abusing people whether they are right or wrong on here.)
  12. Excuse the shouty block caps lads and lasses but I'm using my phone and can't change font colour.
  13. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. Spat my tea out over your first comment. The biggest bullshitters I have ever met have been "professional" soldiers!!
  15. The biggest bullshitter I have ever known was definitely a 'professional' by the name of 'jack' Parry. Had his own genuine stories to tell though.