Walt Finder General

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. I was chatting with a guy in Yates' Wine Lodge this morning.He told me he was The Walt Finder General.
    If I had a son and he had been with me,I'm sure he would have been impressed with the General's tales of derring do!
    But something about him wasn't quite right.How can I find out if he is who he claims to be?
  2. Duck him in a pond - he he drowns he was indeed the WFG. If he floats, he wasn't so drown him immediately...
  3. Burn him.

    ............for 10 characters.
  4. Was it a genuine "wine lodge" or just a crap pub from a pub chain attempting to be something that it isn't?
  5. I can guarantee that he was lying. The Walfinder Generals (they are actually a committee) would never ever be in a Yate's Wine Lodge, unless operational circumstances dictated otherwise.
  6. How much behind the scenes work does he do? Can't be a Walt finder general without behind the scenes work.

    May I be the first to say that if he got a shag out of you then he's not hurting anyone and let him bum you again and let him wear his admirals hat.
  7. The last genuine Yate's was burnt down recently in Blackpool - unless any arrsser knows of any other other old fashioned one? Anyway I doubt if the guy was the WFG as he and all the other WF's usually drink in the Victory in Walton on the Naze of course
  8. As I recall the Old Grey Mare in Preston was a "proper Yates's" and may still be going strong. It was usually agreed that a shout there meant some vicious slapper from Avenham flats had overdone the Red Biddy and was kicking off in an affaire passionel! As a result the approach would be cautious. If it turned out to be two burly working men disagreeing over, say, the works of Nietzsche or the exact sequence of Beethoven's opus, fair enough we would pile in. If it was, however, the afore mentioned council as **** bitch fight, then we would wait for the dogs and/or a certain female sergeant who was tougher than any of us blokes!
  9. Yep I seem to remember a Yate's in Preston near by the bus station that had sawdust on the floor. That was shortly after the flood - is it still there now. Used to love Yate's Australian fighting red wine and the sign on the wall,"moderation is true abstinence"!
  10. Heed the warning.....

    He didn't just blow his cover and tell you he's the Walt Finder General just for nothing!

    It's so now YOU know he's on to you...

    In future stop bunking off school and touting yourself at dubious wine bars - you could get picked up by anyone...